i knew you answered a question like this before,,but i wanna know "What make you an atheist?"

i'm new here, but i'm not new for being an atheist.

i just want to know how you guys turn to be an atheist?to become an open minded thinkers...

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haha,,tim hopwood was right!,,you did this explanation great!

It was gradual for me. It stated with a bunch of unresolved questions when i had ministers of several different faiths in one room and none of them could agree on their own book. So i became pagan over the years i found myself questioning that just as much. It wasn't easy to let go of belief in something even if it was a unnamed something. The concept of we get just this one life terrified me. I'm not scared now because it comes down to i'm responsible for my own actions and the hope that in some small way i will make the world better by simply being in it. the whole pebble in a pond theory.

that dude from what they say was an omnipresence is kind of scary,,,invasion of privacy,,and limits all you move and decision,,

It was gradual for me too. I swapped it all for a belief in something along the lines of what is outlined in that ridiculous book/film The Secret. That was in my late twenties. After a few years, that also no longer made sense. I became agnostic until one of my atheist friends said: "Just face it Timothy. You're an atheist." It was very liberating.

the secret?dont know that,,i'll try to watch that,,

,,i became agnostic too,,till my atheist friend shared ideas then i'm officially atheist because ofher,,and that's good,,you have an atheist friend,,

I grew up and realized that a magic man in the sky is a preposterous and childish idea.  I figured that to maintain a childlike faith, one had to accept being a child.  Not for me!

and we're now on mature position,,hehe

Just the utter absurd irrationality of religion.

As a kid, you believe what you're told to believe until new information challenges those beliefs. Most people will hang on to their beliefs, because the new information comes slowly in tiny little chunks and so is easily disregarded in favor of remaining comfortable. That's why as adults most people continue to believe in spite of increasing evidence to the contrary.

As for me, I believed in all the stuff I was told to believe in; everybody else did, and my family was pretty strong in their beliefs. When new information came along to challenge my belief in Santa Claus, somehow I was able to draw parallels with other myths like the Easter Bunny and God. I think I put them all into the same league, that is to say, nice children's stories, but not really true.

I had a sister who was a Catholic nun, very dedicated to her church. I had a playmate who had gotten into the Eastern Rite, and was pretty enamoured of it. One day, I asked my sister, "How come there are two different kinds of catholic church? I thought anything other than MY church was not true." She replied, "It adds to the beauty of the Church." I remember clearly thinking, "Wait a minute! That's bullshit!" and thus began my journey into reality. I was around twelve, I think.

So I think I never really believed of my own volition, and when I was mature enough to begin thinking for myself I realized the whole milieu was what I already suspected it was, children's stories told to keep the boogeyman at bay when the sun goes down. I had grown up believing it was a miracle when the sun came up every morning, but when I looked into it I found it was simply celestial mechanics.

Religion is so ridiculously farcical, and inane, illogical, irrational, unreasonable,  and impossible that I can't fathom how anyone with half a brain could possibly believe it!

Here here Doug perfectly put! 

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who simply never had religion in the first place...lol

I've been presented with both sides of the subject, and I naturally came to my atheistic conclusion.


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