i knew you answered a question like this before,,but i wanna know "What make you an atheist?"

i'm new here, but i'm not new for being an atheist.

i just want to know how you guys turn to be an atheist?to become an open minded thinkers...

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does it mean you're like an agnostic???

Two different words; theism refers to belief, gnosticism refers to knowledge, the words are not exclusive of each other. You can be a gnostic theist ("I believe and know a god exists"), an agnostic theist ("I believe a god exists, but I'm not certain of it"), an agnostic atheist ("I do not believe a god exists, but I'm not certain"), or a gnostic atheist ("I do not believe a god exists, and I am certain no gods exist"). 

I didn't become an atheist, I always was one. I tried but could not believe, because religion seemed so silly.

yes,,then you were inborn super atheist,,haha

Everyone is born an atheist, you have to be indoctrinated, which is what engenders belief. 


In my case it was a lucid mixture between how I thought living in my toxic dysfunctional home as a child, and what I have learned as an adult.  Studying philosophy, and opening my eyes up to logic.  Knowledge is what probably made me an atheist. 

yeah,,thats exactly what happen to me,,i question god's existence since i was in elementary,,but when i had my professional subjects,,logic w/ science facts explains all for me,, :)

haha,,it seems brainwash didn't affect you,,

I need for things to make sense. I need for things that claim to be moral and righteous to measure up. I really wanted this whole Christianity thing to work out, but it just wasn't. So, I had a long and tortured break-up. We got back together a couple of times and yeah, you'd changed xtianity, but you were still woo underneath. So, finally I gave you the boot. And it wasn't me, it was you, xtianity. :)

Nice way of putting it. It was like a bad relationship wasn't it? I like this analogy. I may use it in my next blog. I'll give you credit.

I agree great explanation!


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