i knew you answered a question like this before,,but i wanna know "What make you an atheist?"

i'm new here, but i'm not new for being an atheist.

i just want to know how you guys turn to be an atheist?to become an open minded thinkers...

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In my case, by examining the evidence and concluding that there wasn't any actual good reason to believe in a deity,.

so you read the bible cove-to-cover...

Why on earth would anyone want to read that nonsense from cover to cover? There are LOTS on this site who have - some would be considered Bible scholars. Possibly they do this to reinforce the knowledge that the Bible is so full of contradictions it couldn't possible the basis for any coherent belief system. Possibly they do this to enable them to discuss (and refute) any interpretation believers might consider meaningful. Possibly some study the Bible as part of their study of ancient literature in general.

Personally, I'm simply not interested in what virtual cave men thought about how the universe worked 2000 years ago and it's quite baffling to me that anyone cares what "Bible says...".

Agreed . As stated by Dawkins , one not need study "Fairiology" , to dismiss the existence of fairies .

yeah you're right!,,but i read it cover-to-cover after that,,i laughed so hard coz theres a lot of terrible stories,,terrible rules,,everything,,anyway it was a freakin boring book

You may not want to read it cover to cover, but I have, even including the begats.  Reading the bible from cover to cover is the best argument I know of to reject the entire thing.  It is a book of horrors.

we all hate that discrimination thing,,i remember when i ask my super religious friend about god,,she got mad at me and said, are you questioning god's existence?,,well of course i said yes,,then she got much angrier at me,,then i just shut my mouth and said to my self,,"ok, tell your god to burn me now,,right now, but i guess he cant coz he cant read minds!,,"

I stopped believing in ALL fairy tales, including the ones for grown ups.

thats great!

I used to stare at the floor repeating endless droning Hail Mary prayers for hours on end. My local professor intervened and performed a formal Deiscism on me. He cast aside the father, the son and the holy ghost, as well as the saints, the priests, the prophets, the nuns, the Catholics, the Jews, the Muslims, the weirdo with the megaphone, the Facebook prayers, Adam and Eve, the talking snake, the bible and the bible spewing co-workers, the frankincense, the devil, heaven and hell, angels, monks, popes. I feel much lighter now.

I can only hope deiscisms become the wave of the future!

I had my deiectomy after a long bout of skepticism.


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