I Keep Hearing That Women Doubt the Beauty of Their Vagina. Really?

I keep hearing that many women have a fear that their vagina is ugly.  This seems absurd to me, as the idea of an ugly vagina is complete nonsense to me.  Do women really fear this?  Furthermore, I've heard from time to time a guy will say they find vaginas ugly.  This boggles my mind.  I'm curious, any boys or girls willing to admit what they think? (besides me - too late)

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For the record, I do ask this both out of curiosity, and also because I think it has greater implications with regard to self-esteem, which religious taboos have hurt badly for many people IMO.
I find them all attractive, but my first wife did have the ugliest one I ever saw.
I know mine is pretty because of they way my husband treats it ;o)
I do always find it bizarre when people express disgust for perfectly healthy genitals. How could anyone be repulsed by the pleasure organ of the one they love?
Personally, my vagina was the first my partner ever saw, and he was amazed, loving all its geometry and softness- he's still as enchanted by it as ever!
They can be disgusted by the visual appearance of the organ.
I'm happy to hear some positive replies. I think it's an important element of a healthy self esteem.
I know what you mean about religious taboos- many of my religious friends experience body shame and are very uncomfortable with their own sexual desires.
The vagina is a body part and like any other body part, it can be ugly, pretty, or "meh." No difference. I've seen some damn pretty ones and some OMGWTFISTHAT ugly ones. Saying that vaginas, in general, are pretty or ugly as a whole would be as silly as saying that teeth or hair is pretty or ugly as a whole. Some people have nice teeth, some people don't. Some women have nice vaginas, some don't. It's like any other physical feature and it's a matter of personal preference to the individual. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, after all.
that's a valid point. It doesn't make sense that any general answer fits all if not for other body parts. not sure why I didn't think of that myself.
I've never in person seen healthy genitals either male or female that made me disgusted or that I thought were weird looking. Now some pictures I've seen on line... gah! Really I think it's rather odd for a woman to be so worried about what their vagina looks like... in my experiences heterosexual mean are more worried about getting to put their penises (or fingers on tongues ect...) into it than what it looks like.
lol i can vouche for that.
lol - it's funny because it's true


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