Of course, only if you accept the doctorine of original sin.


I was reading this article by Dawkins and realised this:

1. God makes man.

2. God makes tree of knowledge.

3. God puts them together.

4. God tells man not to eat from it.

5. Man is without knowledge and eats from it, creating original sin.

6. God feels ashamed for his retarded actions [edit: for putting Adam and Eve in a situation where they were sure to fuck up].

7. God incarnates into Jesus so that he could be punished for his retarded actions.



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So your book of fairytales is better than the other ones because it says so?

Bzzt.  Sorry.  Try again, Abdallah.


Bible and Quran cannot be words from God because there IS NO GOD.  There are only men who pretend that there are writings from God.


You can only make that argument once you prove to us that there is a God in the first place.  The Quran is not proof because your audience here does not accept its authority -- you have to first prove that there is a God before you can expect us to accept the authority of a book supposedly written by that God.  Until then, you are merely assuming what you are trying to prove and are making no progress whatsoever.



We're atheists.  We don't believe it actually happened that way.  Atheists do not believe that Jesus was the son of God because atheists do not believe there is a God for him to have been the son of.


You do realize that atheists are not simply just another type of Christian, right?  We are people who do not believe in any gods or religions.  Get that into your head, please.  We do not consider your holy book as "sent by God."  It is a man made fairy tale, just like the Bible, Aesop's Fables, and the Wizard of Oz.


The original poster was merely engaging in speculation to try to make sense of a Christian belief we consider completely nonsensical.  Responding to his interpretation of their nonsense with your own nonsense really does not do much to prove your case, nor does it do much to convince anyone of the truthfulness of your cause.

Billions of years ago there were elements and molecules.  Elements and molecules, when combined, form chemical reactions.  A carbon-based chemical reaction resulted in the very fundamentals of life -- single-celled organisms.  Those single-celled organisms multiplied and adapted to the conditions around them and, later on, formed multi-celled organisms which in turn also adapted and multiplied.  This process occurred over a VERY long period of time and led to the evolution of the life you see around you. Reproduction, adaption, mutation.


It's fundamental science accepted by most educated people throughout the world who don't define their lives by myths and make-believe.  I'm honestly shocked that we have to explain this to you.

Molecules and elements come from atoms.  Atoms are formed by subatomic particles which have combined in various manners.  Go even further and you reach the level defined by quantum physics.


At the level of quantum physics you do not need a "cause" to have an "effect."  Things happen randomly and chaotically.  What happened randomly at these infinitesimal levels allowed for the formation of protons, neutrons, electrons, followed by the atoms which combined according to their various properties into elements and molecules, which in turn reacted to form life.  Small reactions at the lowest, most chaotic levels formed bigger reactions which, when you reach a certain point, take on the illusion of "order" when, in fact, there is none.


Scientifically speaking, there is no need for a "creator" to will into existence these things when there are perfectly acceptable natural explanations which explain the data better and have been proven through experimentation. 


We no longer need fairy tales to explain the fundamentals of why the world is the way it is.  What we do need are people who are willing to place childhood fantasies aside so that we might better understand the processes which are occurring all around us.


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