For the better part of my life, I've realized I was an atheist. I didn't know the term, but I always knew I didn't believe in god, or the idiocy I read in the bible. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I honestly do wonder, NOT what made you an atheist, but what keeps you coming back to the site? I know there's a lot of good info here, but really, in my case, it wasn't the knowledge I've gained...


     I came to this site originally when I was taught the term 'atheist.' I had no clue up until that point that there was such a strong following (thanks Morgan), but I did know that I didn't 'fit in' with the rest of the people I hung out with. I've always felt like an outcast...


     The reason I came here is solely by the grace of google. I wouldn't expect much more of an answer from most of you. What I do wonder, though, is this:


     What keeps you coming back? The sense of community? The people? The incredible amount of credible information? The chatroom (Morgan, what's up with that, man? I loved the chatroom!)? etc...


     In my experience, what keeps me here is the 'heart' (I know, the heart pumps blood, and not much more...). It's the friendships, the connections I've felt, and the complete sincerity (or lack thereof, in some cases :P) of the people I interact with here. There is really no other website I hold more dear (not even Facebook, but then again, I'm friends with most of you there, too).

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same here.. my friends don't like discussions.
I really struggled a few years back when I didn't know there were other atheists.  I knew they existed, but I thought they were on another planet somewhere or something.  When I finally met a great friend who was atheist and proud of it, it was such a load off of my shoulders, because prior to that, I really felt like I was alone.  Since then I've really become enriched in so many ways through my social groups the Grand River Atheists and SOFREE as well as this site.  Actually, I did belong to a religious forum for about a year, and I did enjoy the debating - there were a handful of atheist members who were long termers, but when I set my avatar as an image of the prophet they told me I had to take it down.  I refused so they took it down for me.  I've never logged in since.
I was invited, and figured why not. Mostly I'm watching from the sidelines though, as in every other community (online or otherwise).
Is drinking encouraged at atheist rehab?  ;o)
Jeanie, we're not too different, you and I... :)
I keep coming back here because I am comfortable being myself and for me, that means a great much.
I frequent Newsvine quite often, and I have to say there's a shitload of Christians on there that are complete asshats.
They post things that we, as people set in reality, would facepalm at: though many people are actually listening to them.
So we argue and show them evidence to get them to shut up about how much they're "right"...but it doesn't really help any.
Some people change, but the majority of them are trolls.
So when I feel like there is no hope for humans, I come here and read things that might change my mind.
It really helps my spirits being around people that respect facts and logic as much as I do.
We are a minority, but we are by no means powerless. :D
the COMMUNITY     ... somewhere you belong

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm an atheist.  That's why I'm here.


On top of that, I love the regulars, I love that new people are discovering the site all the time, and I'm always learning something new.  I feel like my atheism just gets stronger and my arguments againts religious tyranny more reinforced every time I am here.


So, thanks to everyone!  And thanks to Morgan for bringing this site to life! 

I'm here mainly for the same reasoning you are here: I don't know too many Atheists where I'm from, and sometimes I feel very estranged from society, and that my voice will not be heard. I come here to vent, to think, to relax, to say whatever I'm thinking (for a change!), to learn, and to grow as a person.
rAmen to that, brother!


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