For the better part of my life, I've realized I was an atheist. I didn't know the term, but I always knew I didn't believe in god, or the idiocy I read in the bible. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I honestly do wonder, NOT what made you an atheist, but what keeps you coming back to the site? I know there's a lot of good info here, but really, in my case, it wasn't the knowledge I've gained...


     I came to this site originally when I was taught the term 'atheist.' I had no clue up until that point that there was such a strong following (thanks Morgan), but I did know that I didn't 'fit in' with the rest of the people I hung out with. I've always felt like an outcast...


     The reason I came here is solely by the grace of google. I wouldn't expect much more of an answer from most of you. What I do wonder, though, is this:


     What keeps you coming back? The sense of community? The people? The incredible amount of credible information? The chatroom (Morgan, what's up with that, man? I loved the chatroom!)? etc...


     In my experience, what keeps me here is the 'heart' (I know, the heart pumps blood, and not much more...). It's the friendships, the connections I've felt, and the complete sincerity (or lack thereof, in some cases :P) of the people I interact with here. There is really no other website I hold more dear (not even Facebook, but then again, I'm friends with most of you there, too).

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Before you guys answer, realize that I will tear you apart if you shit on my site, k? This is a serious question.
I would say the community for me. I can't speak for others, but being an atheist can be very alienating depending on where I am and with who. It's nice to always have someplace to come back to with like minded people.

I feel so alone, sometimes... I am so glad I am not alone...

Wanna be friends, sir?

I have only been here a few days, but I keep coming back because of all the information to read.  And I have made some good connections with a few people so far.  You can never have enough friends!  And like-minded friends are hard to come by as an atheist.  I do, however, find it odd, and perhaps even rude, that there are believers (not talking about doubters) on this site.  Like, arent there enough other places to hang out at?  And maybe it wouldnt be so bad if they werent spewing forth their crap, and just reading.  Or maybe its just one person. But yeah.  Its nice here.  Friendly.

Moria, you'll eventually see, if you keep up with this site, that theists come, theists go. What ends up happening in those interactions, is that we become closer-knit as a group. You really discover people's personalities through their responses. That is a major part of the familial feeling of this group. Don't worry, hang around long enough, and it'll grow on you.



Christopher, I've been an atheist since I was a teenager, I just didn't know there was a "name" for it - much like you.  I grew up in New Mexico and I suppose most religious folks there are of the catholic persuasion and I never bothered with that.  I live in the "heart" of Texas now, and whew! some days are just mind boggling. 

It wasn't until a younger friend invited me to this site, that I really started wearing my atheism on my sleeve.  For example, if I see one of those dumb fish on someone's business card, business vehicle, or website, I know I will never do business with them.  So for me, I would say THINK atheist has made me more aware of who and what I support with what little $ I have to spend.  I also keep my car bumper stickered with things like "Doing my part to piss off the religious right", etc.  This site has just made me more thoughtful and more vocal, and I love that...and reading all of the great posts.  Damn these folks are smart and good hearted.


     I understand your feelings, and I love the fight you got in ya... But be careful...


The problems I've had recently were all basically left up to fate. As much as I hate to trace the problems I've had, I can sum it up to one religious asshole.


One single religious douchebag damn near put me out on the streets. One, seemingly ambiguous, business deal (or NO deal) nearly toppled the business empire I was attempting to create. I'm not saying hide your feelings, by no means; just know when it's right and when it's wrong...



     Call me Maggie, all my friends do. And since you met me on this site, I consider you a friend, whether you like it or not.

i'm constantly learning here. never gets boring

I m here to know the views of like minded people which is not possible to find in real life in a place where I live.

And yes in search of truth and knowledge.

Stories such as yours bring tears of joy to my eyes (or they would if I could convey emotions other than frustration and resentment)... :)

Well I long forgot that I am an atheist, have got very involved in my work & family and other interests like automobiles, games, web programming, gadgets and so on. Still some of my favorite topics are psychology, evolution, origin of humans, animal behavior etc.


However, recently an uncle sent me an email trying to belittle atheists, and that reminded me "oh yeah i'm an atheist". i came here to share that episode because i felt a little hurt that my relatives would actually go to the extent of fighting with me for such an unimportant matter such as god - especially when its years since *anyone* spoke about all that, and everyone in the family is busy with other things. it seems like they are really idle, recalling who doesnt fit into their belief system and how they can pick a fight with them. it is worth mentioning that in my whole lot of relatives, only this particular psycho uncle & his son are like that. No other relatives are like that.


Anyway. this kinda reminded me (after a long time) that I'm an atheist.. lol. And I stumbled on this site thru google and was wowed by all the informative topics and intelligent comments. And I was like "so there is intelligent life on earth, after all".. lol. Now I visit this site everyday.

I really enjoy the discussions.  I really don't feel alienated in my life from anyone.  My parents except me for who I am.  I'm pretty sure they're not happy about me rejecting the Mormon faith, but I'm pretty sure they feel better having me around then pushing me away for my beliefs.


My friends are all non-practicing Christians/jews, agnostic or atheist themselves - so that's not a problem.  The only thing is that most of them don't really like discussing as much as I do.  There is no debate for them so getting deep is out of the question.


This site has provided a place for me to really read about others experiences and weigh in on them.  Some people have great advise for those that are just starting to let their loved ones know.  


I found this website from stumble upon and I couldn't have been happier!


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