Seriously, how fucking cool is that?!
I mean if you showed that to half of the Christians in the world they wouldn't even know what to say! There is no way they could wiggle out of that one. How are they upholding the so called "sanctity" of married when they marry a non-virgin, eh? Gah, do I love stumble upon for bringing me those little gems.

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As my friends in the online world would say "OWNED".

If you presented this to a bible thumper they would do what they typically do. Bend it and twist it to their advantage.
Your friends in the online world would say PWNED and then they'd call you a n00b for getting it wrong. el oh el :)
It's going to be hard to figure out how many we will have to execute. Maybe we should just have them all stoned
and have one friggin' big party. Arf, arf, arf!
None of that matters. Whether Christ came to fulfill the law or abolish it is irrelevant. It doesnt change the fact that in the old testament God was clearly okay with those things which show how frightfully evil the bible really is.


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