.....Really, not thirty minutes ago three armed men pulled up to my driveway as I brought my car in for the night.  I was pulling in and one of them ran out of the car and put a gun on my face and said "open your mouth and you die mother fucker"!! Then, two more men ran out of the car that was blocking my driveway and ran to me aiming at my head as I stood frozen.  They walked me to my door and asked me to un-lock it.  Luckily, I had given my keys to my wife as I walked out the door and was unable to open it myself.  From the inside my wife stood with my 4 month old son on her arms waiting for me to knock so she would unlock it.  Well, out the window she saw the car pull up and was aware of what was happening.  SHE DID NOT OPEN THE DOOR!! Great, then one of the men said "tell her that she is going to have to mop your brains off the front porch if she does not open" as he said this he cocked the 9mm semi-automatic and put the cold hard steel to my temple, then he said "tell her now".  As I repeated those words I heard the dead-bolt slam shut and she went upstairs.  The the the guy with the sawed-off 2 barrel 12 ga. shotgun asked me where my keys where and slammed me against the wall and put his gun on my chest, right over my heart..."My wife has them and she is inside"... I said, the third guy went to my car and quickly found a key-chain that I keep in the glove-box with the keys to a little house that I rent, and came back aiming a .308 to my face and said to me "Are you lying to me you son of a bitch?" as I told him those keys belonged to another house.  They had me lay down on the floor and told me that if I moved i would die, then after a few seconds I heard the car pull away.  I AM TELLING THE TRUTH GUYS, this really just happened it is crazy right?!?! And the best thing of all, I never once asked God for anything, really, through this whole thing I never thought for a second of anything else but the moment.  I am cured!!!!! if during all this I managed to stay cool and hang on to my beliefs, I am really cured of religion YAAAAAAY, As an ex-catholic, I always feared that something like this would happen and rattle my core so bad that I would have to turn to religion, that it would make me run back to the comfort of not having to care because it was a gods plan.  I have been freed.

My true story!!!!   really!!!

Devout Atheist for eight years and counting!!!!!!

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I'm shocked. I dare say. But whether the story is true or not it does raise an interesting question, say in the noir thriller tradition. What would have happened next if the three thugs had not drove off? Would the wife have opened the door to save her husband or let him be killed in order to protect her child from harm--or maybe she hired the thugs to kill her husband for insurance money or because he was cheating on her or maybe it was a mob hit and the thugs had the wrong address and......
Now that is the spirit. As I sit here trying to cope with the nerves, you have just broken that enormous anvil that weight my heart down, thanx man. It is always nice to have someone put things into perspective. I now know that my posting here was to find someone with enough heart to reply the way you did. Once again, thank you m8.
Wow! Aggressive behavior, I think (you can correct me), is another sign of... oh... sorry for trying to be a smart ass again. It's just that, perhaps you could have corrected my observations instead of insulting me like that. Or I was right (O.O)?

Pff... I would have probably conceded and stopped posting, despite your insults towards me, but there is something interesting that I want to point out - your apparent racism. For those who don't know, the last word in Andres' comment is Romanian (my native language) for Gypsy and I suspect it was used as another insult. While I don't take offense in being called a Gypsy (or German, or Indian etc.), I do take offense in belonging to the same species as racists. Hmm... sorry about that... you know, my old habits of implying things about people. I'm sure you're not a racist, even if that's what your remark implies.

It is said that fire can't be put out with fire, but I couldn't not respond (it's probably genetic). I mean, to really talk to a professional... now that's an opportunity I have to take, right doc?
Once again, self serving my friend. I do not care what your opinion is, just the fact that you have an issue and go picking fights where you do not belong. Adriana is right, i did call you a prick, but isn't that my opinion also? It all boils down to you being the one upper and the one with the last word. We can sit here and argue, but I'll leave with a prediction. YOU MUST HAVE THE LAST WORD, it is part of your diagnosis my friend, the self doubting egotistical maniac cannot keep shut. So I say, you will post again and pretend to be self righteous because proving me wrong it not something someone with your condition can easily do. You have a need to come back and have the last word, you have a need to pretend to be more than you really are, you have a need to be validated by your peers, you are sick my friend. I did look at your other post and the sad thing is that I am right, this is not an isolated incident, this is a reoccurring behavior. That is all I am going to say to you my friend, so go ahead and serve yourself (because your rants serve no-one else). I'll let you have the last word if you like, because you can't help yourself, that primal need to be alpha and dominate. I laugh at your antics.
Hey, maybe writing down what he JUST experienced helped him get out his feelings...did you ever think of that? Maybe he wanted to find other people to connect with that have been through the same (or similar) experiences. Maybe it was super late where he lives and he couldn't pick up the phone right then and call someone to talk to.
Don't you have anything better to do than harass someone who has just been through a traumatic experience?
Apparently not.
Yes, I know I was an ass. Believe me, if I could undo all of this, I'd waste no moment. This is not to say that I didn't discover some interesting traits this person has with this occasion, but that's just the tactless me again.

I do realize that sometimes, if not often, it's better to keep things to ourselves, but I don't know what urged me to say the things I've said in this case. I can only hope I will not repeat this mistake again.

When there is no tact, silence is the way to go, right? So, if you'll excuse me...
I did not keep my keys on me for this same very reason, I live in a city (Guayaquil, Ecuador) where this type of crime is almost common place, so these type of precautions are not at random. The thing is that the person outside usually eats a piece of lead before being let go, this time I was lucky.
It is not that he did not believe me, someone else also expressed disbelief, it is how he came out and said it. The pretentious way in which he came and used the whole "in behavioral science 101" and "classical lying behavior". Listen, he could have called me a lying fool to my face with no issues on my behalf, but it is the way he came out pretending to be "oh so mighty" that egged me on.
Thank you Michel!!! ;)

BTW, here is a picture of my baby boy!!!
No, these people look to come in your home quietly, once inside they hold your family hostage while you go and empty your bank accounts and borrow money from family cover a ransom. Like I said, this type of crime is not uncommon, it happens a lot here; but this is the first time it happened to me and I was prepared. Horrible experience but not unique by any means. The thing is that you never know, sometimes when they get what they want they kill everyone and leave and sometimes they just leave!!!! That is the way this crime syndicates work in this city, it is a very sad reality.
No god does things like this to test our lack of faith.


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