So I did one of those read the Bible in a year plans, out of academic curiosity.

And as I'm sure will come as a surprise to no one, it did not bring me closer to becoming a believer. Further from it, if possible.

Who else here has read the Bible? I think it's great to study as a piece of ancient literature, but certainly not something to live by. (I mean, yikes.)

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Ive read it. I didnt do it as a "plan" but just read it cover to cover. That was back in my AA Bible thumping days.

At the time it did bring me closer to the god I believed in because I already believed it, lol

That makes sense; how you feel about God etc. will definitely affect how you interpret it. I tried to be open minded while I read but it's impossible to read anything without bias.

Yes but I was still confused, lol. I just figured, "well God is all knowing, so...


I've read it a few times, mostly trying to get a handle on the insanity. "It" includes several versions and denominations.

I've also read some academic versions, where biblical scholars give it a going over.

I've also been to the Vatican, and, done some other research.

In conclusion, its obviously all true, like a history book...and can be taken as the literal word of long as you're ~ 3 years old or so.

After ~ 3-4 years of age, it becomes progressively more difficult to swallow without gagging on conflicts with reality. This is roughly when most kids naturally start to question if Santa Claus is real, etc.

If sufficient pressure (peer/societal) is applied so as to make NOT believing in Santa somehow scandalous or immoral/wrong...people can spend the rest of their lives believing in Santa.


Depending on a person's natural intelligence/pressures to believe, they progressively and proportionally let go of the beliefs.

So, someone who normally, if it were NOT imbued with added pressures to believe, would have rejected it outright as ridiculous, might be one of the many who rationalize that the parts that make no sense are allegory/parable/inspiring story, etc...and do what they can to try to somehow rationalize/keep the rest.

The less vested a person's NEED to believe it, the more likely they are to just let it all go.

Don't think I could handle more than the one reading. (To specify, I read the New Revised Standard version.)

Totally agree with the pressure thing; I probably would have given up on Christianity a lot earlier than 18 if I hadn't thought it was just what you're SUPPOSED to do.

I can think of much better titles than "The Bible"

"Subjugation for Dummies"

"Fear and Self Loathing in the Dessert"

"Preacher's Guide: How to Get Money For Nothing"

Add a few of yours....

I also like how each group says "the bible", meaning THEIR bible...and assuming that the other groups don't also called their own "the bible".

A pet peeve of mine is also how a Christian who is not a Catholic will insist the bible is the word of god, but will also express that the Catholic Church is not god's representative here on earth, and is a corrupt bunch of liars.

I'll point out that the Catholic Church is the ONLY party who provided the bible as the word of god, with the PREMISE that it was whispered into the ears of THEIR Scribes/Biblical writers by god, and THAT'S   WHY  its the word of god.

If the Church is not who they say they are, and is not the representative of god here on earth...why do you take their word for what the god they say they represent,  said?

It ricochets off their eardrums or something.

"Love God or Die" (That was my basic takeaway from the whole thing.)

Further from it, if possible.

Entirely possible... anecdotally, I'd say reading the bible is one of the fastest ways to become an atheist.

Who else here has read the Bible?

I read all of genesis and got bored around the end of leviticus.

I think it's great to study as a piece of ancient literature, but certainly not something to live by. (I mean, yikes.)

I'm sure it is fascinating, academically. Definitely not something to live by... even christians don't live by it for the most part.

They are told they do...its says not to kill people, so, its their moral compass.


Well, I sure as heck didn't read all of it when I was a Christian so I guess that's why most of them don't live by it (and why they are still Christians).


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