Hi ladies and gents. I joined yesterday and for the love of the stars I couldn't find the forum, so I didn't introduce myself. I did figure out how to blog though, so I've done that already and joined in a couple of discussions.

A little bit about me: I'm 36, British, living permanently in Germany, life-long atheist and lover of science. Since 2001 I've been going slowly blind (like everything else in life, I don't need religion to get me through that). In the last couple of years I've rediscovered a passion for sketching, and discovered a new passion for writing fiction. I won't plug myself here and now, that would be a bit too shameless.

My interests include science fiction, fantasy, horror, astrophysics, geology, geography, languages, etymology, role playing computer games, reading, writing and drawing.
I'm currently rewatching Star Trek in its entirety, chronologically, because I'm a nerd.

Glad to be among fellow atheists. ;)

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Welcome Scott!!!!!

 GERMANY!!! I'm taking an interest in the REA in Germany and their model for green energy. Do you happen to know anything on the subject?

Welcome to TA!!!!!!! So glad you're here.

You must feel a certain sense of Schadenfreude when you consider their use of long words :-)


Welcome! Nice to see another European join this site :)

Welcome aboard!  I "re-joined"  today after 4 years of hiatus!  Star Trek?  Yeahhh!!  Beam me up, Scotty!  ^^

Hi Captain, it’s the engines here…Scotty can’t take it anymore!!

Welcome brotha!

Welcome, mate. Good to have you here :)


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