i joined a fairly fundamental christian forum, i think thinkatheists should check it out:

here's the site:


my username is jakegarland and i'm not the only atheist there, there is rawrgor and (dis)integrater, among others.

i've had 4 or 5 posts deleted since i joined, the admin, bibleprobe, is a fundamentalist, a homophobe, a bigot and as stubborn as a mule. likewise many of the other users are very close-minded, save a few (ha, i made a pun!).

if anyone knows of any forums similar to this i would greatly enjoy joining those as well, please let me know if anyone has found any forums dealing with religion, existence, theism, atheism or anything related, regardless of which side the forum takes. i am vastly interested in these topics and could talk about them endlessly.

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bibleprobe finally kicked me off, deleted my best, most irrefutable posts, and created a new post stating that the atheist "cancer" is gone. this new post is addressed to another religious member of the forum, whom i had engaged in a good amount of my discussions with. in this members response, she defends me. i'm honored and flabbergasted, here's her post:

"It should be a bit calmer now. I have to admit that I am re-examining one of my original understandings, but I am confident that I will reach a conclusion that I am comfortable with. I am now beginning to believe that there is a difference between a non-believer and a full blown atheist. I see jakegarland (only an example) as someone who was trying to debunk and examine his own theories as much as anything else, as opposed to the name calling, Bible bashing atheist. There must be others out there like him. However, if you allowed the debates to continue, you would be somewhat compelled to allow others to give their two cents, and before you know it this site would be infested with atheists. We would be fools to believe that we have all of the knowledge and can not learn a thing from those unlike us. That being said, (I have no idea who came up with this) I like the statement that, "If you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out". I believe that we can learn very well from each other... without the stress!!"

while this statement is still quite misinformed for the most part, it's nice to see somebody who isn't completely close-minded to anything different. i may try and return under a different username (a resurrection!!) but i have a feeling they're going to be very guarded against new member ever since atheists started cropping up (gee i wonder how that happened :D)
I have an account you can use :-) accounts can only be created by contacting the admin; that way no more Atheist 'cancer' can get through LOL

They obviously don't have very good admin tools with their forum as they would see that I have 3 accounts 2 of which are deleted all with the same IP.
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