Hi again folks.

I've had this TIME thing stuck in my head for years and I've no real idea how I should deal with it. So I thought I might find some sort of release for it now among people who would understand where I am coming from. So here goes.

We as humans have embraced this time frame we live in by year in the form of B.C. and A.D.

I despise this form because it pretty much centers around a stupid story and now the whole world depicts AGE by those very constraints.

What's anyone's opinion on this or do you think I'm just being silly?

I'm often wondering what the year actually is, and how it could, or subsequently should be properly represented in our modern world.

After all we know it's really not 2012 as such.

I dunno...rip away at me if you must. I can take it. However I'd much prefer intelligent input. LOL.

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The 'year' is not important.

I remember a conversation with Seventh Day Adventists years ago. Saturday, for them should be a sacred day, not Sunday! They were very adament about this point! But they did not know what to do with my point, 'so why does God care what day it is?'

After tens of billions of years, why would 'God' bother keeping track. Seems to me that it would be 'the same day, just different weather' for him/she/it.

Sadly, without an absolute reference frame, how would you keep track of the 'exact time'? Our time reconing is related to the Earth's orbit around the sun, and it's rotation. Why bother using this as an 'absolute reference frame'? The Earth is such a small speck, why should people on this speck act like cosmic 'time' is about them?

So I say, 'just wing it'...  

Anyway, if we knew the exact time, imagine the number of significate figures! This would put Y2K to shame!

Consider the doctrinal conundrums to come.

When on the moon or Mars are local days or earth days to be used? And on Mercury there are no days.

Mercury has days, they are just very long. The planet rotates on is axis 3 times for every 2 revolutions about the sun. So, an observer on Mercury would see one complete day every 2 Mecurian years.

Well taken. To drive theologians crazy, sunrise and sunset come in reverse order. God's time runs backwards.



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