Hi again folks.

I've had this TIME thing stuck in my head for years and I've no real idea how I should deal with it. So I thought I might find some sort of release for it now among people who would understand where I am coming from. So here goes.

We as humans have embraced this time frame we live in by year in the form of B.C. and A.D.

I despise this form because it pretty much centers around a stupid story and now the whole world depicts AGE by those very constraints.

What's anyone's opinion on this or do you think I'm just being silly?

I'm often wondering what the year actually is, and how it could, or subsequently should be properly represented in our modern world.

After all we know it's really not 2012 as such.

I dunno...rip away at me if you must. I can take it. However I'd much prefer intelligent input. LOL.

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The Romans did not recognise zero as a number.

Does that excuse the Japanese? The Koreans?

Besides it didn't quite work out as a variant of "all the gin joints in all the world."

Wouldn't that be the year before Year 1?

Yeah, it grates, but I'm more bothered by the idea that time is marked in 7's and 12's and that the length of the months varies from 28 to 31.

Think of it this way: nobody really cares anymore how the length of an inch or the volume of a dry or wet pint was set, how it was determined what a "stone" or "ton" is, etc. It was just stipulated at some point. If I were to find out that there's some theological reason for what a bushel is, am I going to lose sleep over it? 


It actually does bother me that English measurements are based off of rubbish. I love metric. Love it. 

It also bothers me that the calendar is based on seven  days, etc. 

I do wish we would restart the Western Calendar...perhaps setting the new zero hour at a more descriptive event...something celebrating the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the Tech Revolution, the Space Age...damn, anything would be more appropriate for our age.

While I prefer metric for technical work I find it odd that the "rubbish" English system is largely binary.

I honestly think, Bill, that for the most part, BC and AD have been replaced by BCE (Before the Common Era)  and CE (Common Era), which originally began as "Before the Christian Era," and "Christian Era," but was later changed to the most modern usage (probably by an atheist).

Which is also quite annoying as a distinction without a difference.

Hey, William. I've pondered this situation on and off throughout my life. You're not worthy of being ripped upon. It's a jacked up system. Perhaps 500 years from now they'll be calling 2013 some other year, having begun their calendar at some point in the 1700s. I hope so. 

RE: "two clocks up on their kitchen wall" - not clear why you'd refer to what is obviously the cows' time, as, "god's time." Are you Hindu?

Oh, I understand completely, I was just relaying what the cows told me.

What is also weird in the extreme are the facts that we use Roman gods for month names, and Norse gods for day names. How does that happen?


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