I'll give you guys a brief background to this story...

I have been working at a place for almost 5 months.
It's my first job.
Everyone there is really religious and seriously talk about religious things every single day.
The problem I'm having is that they play this Christian radio station all day on this small radio they have in the office that drives me insane...

So fast forward to about two weeks ago...
I had had enough of this so I started playing my own Indie music in my desk.
My coworker who sits next to me, who is the manager, asked me if I was playing music about a week ago and I told her yes and she said nothing. Everything was going well until a few days ago when my boss walked past my desk and heard my music. She said nothing. Then on Friday we had a team meeting. I just knew she was going to talk about me playing music and she did. She said "I know you guys don't like my music (Lie. She was referring to me. Everyone there always sings the annoying songs.) but I just think that radio station is really professional and when we move into the other office it'll have a stereo programmed to that radio station." And that made me SO angry but now I feel stupid because I said nothing! UGH! I am seriously considering looking for a new job because of a stupid radio station.

Sorry to go on this rant.

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That's a shame. Why do they insist on playing music at all? Surely you will all be better at your jobs without music playing in the background.

I don't know. I guess they play the music so the office doesn't sound too quiet. I rather it be quiet than having my ears nearly bleed.


Contact the corporate offices of State Farm and make an inquiry, not necessarily as a disgruntled employee. They are my carrier of choice and I will tell you that I would of read them the riot act as a customer if I had to listen to that shite during an office visit. There is a good chance the office manager will get a response from corporate. 

Good idea, Ed! :]


Yes, these people are accountable, and if the job requirement includes subjecting employees to proselytization, they need to at least be up front about it. Otherwise, they are misrepresenting the functions and expectations of the position.

It's 2014, everyone knows it's bad business, and corporate has a PR problem. This is religious bullying and therefore a hostile environment.


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