I'll give you guys a brief background to this story...

I have been working at a place for almost 5 months.
It's my first job.
Everyone there is really religious and seriously talk about religious things every single day.
The problem I'm having is that they play this Christian radio station all day on this small radio they have in the office that drives me insane...

So fast forward to about two weeks ago...
I had had enough of this so I started playing my own Indie music in my desk.
My coworker who sits next to me, who is the manager, asked me if I was playing music about a week ago and I told her yes and she said nothing. Everything was going well until a few days ago when my boss walked past my desk and heard my music. She said nothing. Then on Friday we had a team meeting. I just knew she was going to talk about me playing music and she did. She said "I know you guys don't like my music (Lie. She was referring to me. Everyone there always sings the annoying songs.) but I just think that radio station is really professional and when we move into the other office it'll have a stereo programmed to that radio station." And that made me SO angry but now I feel stupid because I said nothing! UGH! I am seriously considering looking for a new job because of a stupid radio station.

Sorry to go on this rant.

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Sorry, I don't see how you have failed anyone. 

If you are in a working environment that allows for music, are you able to wear headphones? If not, is the music the ONLY issue? Many job sites have terrible music. Sure, Christian music is on par with torture, but are your rights being violated? And if you don't say anything to preserve your income, are you really failing anyone or just making a prudent and practical decision?

I feel no equality in the workspace. It's just an insurance company. No religious affiliation. Crosses here, bible passages there, Christian music everywhere. Talk about Jesus here and there and I just have to try to ignore it but it's driving me insane now.

Well, sometimes even little things can grate. Religious tripe is even more annoying. Try to be diplomatic and secure a good recommendation and a new job if it bothers you too much. I'm fairly certain I would die a little in your shoes. Good luck!

Thank you!

No. You haven't failed.

But there are a few things to consider.

1. Is the company in any way affiliated with any sort of religious organization? If yes, there's not much you can do except look for another job. I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who are offended by the beliefs of a religion when they choose to work in places that are directly linked to said religion. I just don't see where you have a leg to stand on.

2. Is the company in any way affiliated with any sort of governmental organization? If yes, you need to call them out in a non-Dawkins way. I love Dawkins, but let's be honest; he tends to put people into a defensive stance. I suggest doing it in a way where you tell them that you understand they are religious but you are not and that you'd appreciate being respected. "I won't play music that is offensive to you. Something we can all agree to."

3. What are your options? I say that if you have options to find another job, do so. And when you leave, let the boss know why you are leaving, but do it in a spirit of kindness. Tell them you weren't comfortable bringing up the issue for fear of reprisal. I would not make this a point at your potential job interviews other than to say that your current environment is very religiously slanted to one view point and there is a strong mixing of religion at the workplace. Tell them you just feel politics and religion are best left out of a professional environment.

 That's my 2 cents.

Thank you so much, Ray. The job is most definitely not affiliated with any sort of religious organization! It's an insurance agency! I think I'm going to start looking for another job. It's just too much for me.

I wonder, am I the only one perverse enough to see the deep underlying irony in a Christian run insurance agency?

I used to be an evangelical and I worked in insurance (though not a religious insurance company) and I always used to laugh a little at all the people who were such lip service believers that they didn't have enough faith in their all-powerful, loving, personal God that they felt the need for insurance.

Good luck in your job search.

Thank you!

I'm going to give you a "+100" Ray..

and smile secretly :)

Ray K - thanks for pointing out the irony there.

Anything unusual about how true believers frame the notion of 'Acts of God?'

Time to look for your second job.

Yeah that's what I'm going to have to do!


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