I was taking a break from work earlier today (yeah, I'm behind on a project so I'm working over the weekend), and I started looking around the interwebs for a documentary to watch while I code (it's an ADD thing - you wouldn't understand... ;) ). I came across a small posting on a site that had the following synopsis of a religious documentary:

The documentary lifts the veil on the seemingly benign ___________________ religion to expose a profit-driven, isolationist culture characterized by fear, totalitarian corporate leadership, intellectual & spiritual intimidation, suspension of critical thinking, failed prophecies, doctrinal inconsistency and improper handling of physical and sexual abuse allegations within the church.

Now, here's the social/psychological test....

When you finished reading it, what was the first religion that you thought went into that blank?

I think this is actually a somewhat fascinating question, on a few different levels. I believe that the initial religion that comes to mind - without thinking - would probably be the religion the reader left when she became an atheist. Then, after a bit more thinking (we're talking probably less than a second or two in real time), I believe the reader would pick one of the three "biggies".

Now, I don't mean the regular "biggie" religions. In this instance I am talking about the three (more or less - but mainly more) mainstream religions that are repeatedly in the (inter)national news for one or more of these scandals and atrocities. They are commonly described with many - if not all - of the same traits listed in that quote.

As for me, my personal list of these three "bad bad monkey" religions is:

  • Catholics
  • Mormons
  • Scientologists

Of course there are a multitude of other religions that fall within the same category as these three; however all other religions are in the minor leagues compared to these three all-stars. The complete immersion and and perverted pride of these three is horrifying. They relish their greed, perversion, megalomania, ruthlessness, and so on. They have not one morsel of remorse for the reign of pain and misery that they have foisted upon their adherents - and these are the selfsame people that these asshole religions are supposed to comfort and protect!

OK, let's move on (I'm putting my soapbox away, for now).

If you chose one of the three above, guess what? You're wrong.

What about...

  • Southern Baptists?
    • Nope
  • Church of God?
    • No, sorry.
  • Some other Pentecostal religion?
    • Negative

We could go on like this for awhile longer, I believe, before you finally guess the correct religion to fill in that blank.

Because I don't want to make it TOO easy for you to cheat, I'm not putting the correct religion here; instead I'm giving you a link to the site from where I got this quote. Oh, and to keep you from cheating by hovering over the link to see what the article name is, I obfuscated it with tinyurl.com.  :)

Link to a post about a religious documentary...


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So I looked at it, then de-emphasized the word "religion" in my mind, and read it again.

My immediate answer was "Wall Street".

That also is a good answer.

When you said it was a 'religious documentary,' I assumed you meant a documentary made by religious people about another religion. When I read the very first line up to the blank, I guessed that it was a Christian documentary about Muslims.

Then when I read farther, I assumed it was Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses. I've never been a member of any of those religions.

Edit: I'm a good guesser. Although "Harold Camping" was also on my guess list.


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