Dose some one have a proof...what is after death...or what do u guys think (i know that most of u,if not all,are rational people so...i know it will be only interesting thigs that i can 'hear').sorry if u talk about this in other posts..i am please enlight me... :)

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well, after death the chemical componentry of our bodies is recycled into the rest of the universe. no big deal. anything good you've done remains in terms of its influence on others and the wider world, and anything bad, likewise.

that's what i reckon. but if you're asking for proof, all i can offer is logic, reason and the strength they confer.

a dead animal decays. its vital organs are no longer functional or capable of being repaired. the entire science of medicine is based on understanding what is required for an individual to function and there is no phenomena classed as "life" that exists without meeting these criteria.


what people refer to as "life after death" is a belief that their subjective consciousness continues to exist. they are able to see without eyes, hear without ears and retain a sense of self without a brain.


many people have had near-death experiences where they experience leaving their body and looking down on the scene. this has convinced a lot of people but experiments have been made where a picture has been left face up on a cabinet in an operating theatre. patients experiening this phenomena have been asked to describe the picture, and failed. the brain, while functioning is capable of creating a very realistic virtual world but some function must exist.


people who have suffered brain damage that has causes loss of consciousness do not see or hear, they wake up wondering what happened because their brain wasn't functioning well enough for them to continue their conscious experience, jsut enough to keep the unconscious functions ticking over.


The idea of a "soul" is what leads otherwise intelligent people to believe that the immense complexity that has built up over the last 4 billion years to make their sense of self, is nothing but an aside to this nebulous idea of a "soul" which exists without any evidence or purpose. If life and consciousness could exist without biology, then biology was always superfluous.


in short, belief in the afterlife is solipsism. the proof of what happens after death exists to those who live on to study the remains, the believer is unable (understandibly given human limitations) to comprehend their own oblivion. we create our own universe and it dies with us, yet we know the universe continues.


there is no need of proof of what happens after death because by definition, death is the absence of life. as for ghosts or whatever; the very concept is laughable and of course breaks the second law of thermodynamics but everything that people believe might happen after death is explainable through an understanding of evolution, anthropology and neurology

Well said!

After death you are dead. There is nothing more to it. All that you are or were or could be is gone. End of story.
This is the only life you have and it lasts but an instant on the scale of the universe....and then you are gone. Forever. To me that is a greater incentive to live this life to the best of my ability than any promise of an afterlife of paradise.
I refer you to Tim Minchins 12 minute beat poem Storm (easy to find on YouTube) as I agree with it so strongly, its almost as if that was written for me!

Just brilliant. Carl, you have heard of the fabulous Australian Tim Minchin - so clever, so funny, and soooo Atheist. And what a perfect answer from Tim to Ramulescu, with humour.

Nobody has proof of anything once they die - and it is up to them to prove life after death etc. not the other way around.

I love Tim Minchin, love his songs, love his jokes, I even like his look. I'd definitely give him one...and I'm not even gay!!! LMAO

I think we all have a bit of a "man-crush" on Tim Minchin

Ok, now I have to see who this is, what with all the man crushing going on-lol


The evidence suggests that there is no 'after death' for our conscious selves, although it's not conclusive at this point.  I wouldn't mind if there was 'something else' but I'm not holding out hope.

No proof but I am sure it will be the way it was before I was born.

@Daniel - good reply.

What is amazing to me is that everything that goes into making my body has been around for hundreds of millions of years in the case of the heavier elements and in the case of the light elements since the start of the universe in the Big Bang and that when I die the physical part of me will disassemble and go on to become parts of many, many wonderful things. I do not know what will become of the energy that buzzes about my brain or if it will retain any of what I consider my consciousness, there is simply no data to support any reasonable hypothesis so it remains a mystery, and perhaps that is where the beauty lays - perhaps we should learn to just let the mystery be.


Before I lost my hearing I recall a song my mother used to love by an american folk singer called Iris Dement called "Let The Mystery Be" 

"Everybody's wonderin' what and where they all came from.
Everybody's worryin' 'bout where they're gonna go when the whole thing's done.
But no one knows for certain and so it's all the same to me.
I think I'll just let the mystery be! "

Link to  the song 



Judith vd R


Link to  the song

Our atoms, or protons, neutrons, and electrons - all the ones that make us up, were in the big bang, or condensed from it.

I'm really glad to meet others that understand this, and I gotta tell you, some days I really feel my age, LOL.

Just think, our protons are still very young and have lived only 1.3 x 10^10 years out of perhaps 10^32.

I would wish our minds continue after physical death, but I'm quite sure they don't.They only seem to be found in close proximity to functioning brains. Anyways, where would they go, and where did they come from if they aren't just products of our brains and metabolism?


Where did they come from, I like that, It should be considered just as much if our sou;s, or minds, continue after we snuff it. :)


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