I am a rational person. So I don't think the world is going to end on December 21st. I have a friend who is obsessed with Terrance McKenna, the I ching and Time Wave Zero and he is constantly posting on Facebook about all that crap. When I see this person in real life, he will bring up this nonsense and begin talking about it like it is science fact. This friend of mind is not religious in anyway, but he is always talking about his "true calling" and discovering "the path you were meant to follow", and how he wants to discover, "the nature of the universe". It is very frustrating. Anyone have any advice on how to deal with this kind of zealous behavior?

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He is suffering from a delusion just as many religious people do or those that believe in alien abduction or astrology. They are all forms of “Woo”. I usually ask them to write down the 5 most important “facts” that I should know about their “big issue” and most importantly WHY they consider each of them important. Then tell them you would like to collect it from them in a few days’ time so you can give it proper consideration on your own. This has the effect of making them reason through their beliefs – often for the first time.  The “Why” part often makes them reconsider or “snap out of it”. If not he has it bad.

BTW I notice you have a pet Croc-a-duck. If you are ever near my Fronkey farm please note that Fronkeys and Crocaducks should not be in the same field. It’s the way they were designed I suppose!!

Lol, Thanks.

Your friend is suffering from a mental disorder, medication would probably be efficacious, but getting him to sign on highly improbable.

Exactly. I can't wait for hovercraft to hit the market—I'm so buying one of those!

I have a friend who is similar.  She didn't used to be that way, but she seems to have gone around a bend somewhere.  She will post these long, nonsensical tirades on Facebook about how the government is persecuting her, and then go on to talk about developing into her 3rd, 4th or 5th higher self.  It is very sad.  She was a dear friend but now I don't know what to do to help her.  I have tried.  I think she needs medication but she won't take it.

When I was last with her in person, when I my father was dying, she offered her support but ended up putting me in a precarious position.  I don't even know if she realizes how much it hurt to be losing my father and to have apparently lost my friend as I knew her. I have told her how concerned I am about her but it doesn't seem to matter.  I guess this isn't very helpful, is it?  At least you know that others have had similar experiences.  

This person needs help - hopefully before they harm themself or someone else.

(He) is not religious in anyway, but he is always talking about his "true calling" and discovering "the path you were meant to follow", and how he wants to discover, "the nature of the universe". It is very frustrating. Anyone have any advice on how to deal with this kind of zealous behavior?

What do you mean "not religious"? Just because he isn't Christian and doesn't go to church doesn't mean he's not religious. He just has a very diffuse religion and his search for meaning in life would tend to mean he's looking for a religious context to life.

How to deal with him? Don't. Indulge him or meet everything he says with what you believe instead. However, it would be wrong to undertake some sort of campaign to evangelize him to atheism. He's entitled to his beliefs, you are entitled to yours.

I'm heard it said somewhere that if religion somehow disappeared at this instant, it'd only take about 5 minutes before someone created a new one. Some people are more predisposed to believe in strange things than not. I doubt you'll be able to turn away your friend from this path. You can keep pointing out inconsistencies and fallacies, but it's up to your friend to accept reality or not.

Ask him to place you on his personal scheduling calendar : December 22nd would be a good day to reflect on his prognostications. You might also direct him to dudeism (.com) as this might provide the philosophical direction he desperately needs.

Just tell him to transfer all his property to you on the 20th since the world is ending and he will not need it after 21st, should he come for them on 22nd you can now charge him for each item, that way he will not hold stupid and silly beliefs again and if he does he will not tell you

I think major charities should advertise that they are accepting donation commitments for the 22nd of December this year from people who are absolutely sure there will be no need to have it then.



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