I got sucked into a bible discussion, and I need an athiests response.

Damnit, I hate when that happens

Religous:God has everlasting love for me the athiest
Atheist:Or until I die, which ever comes first, then jesus is going to make me burn in hell?
Religious:yadda yadda yadda yadda,

He gave me the prodical son story, demonstratingn that a father can have everlasting love for his childern, no matter what they do

Now my reponse could be a father with everlasting love would never send his son to burn in hell for eternity.

Does anyone have something better?
Are there any good 'atheists response' sites for such as the above?

By the way a good atheist response to creationists claims about evolution, try following:

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I just thought of good response, but I am still looking for a good website.

My Response:
So are you saying that Jezuz does not have a problem with child abuse. Your imaginary friends book does say that Jesus has said that we are like little childern.
Ask if this makes any sense...

I never made any sense to me that an all-knowing/all-loving god would create human beings as inherently flawed and in general, not very intelligent, provide unconvincing evidence for his existence; and then eternally punish his creations for being flawed and unconvinced.
Simply ask them to point out where God or Jesus describes Hell as a place of eternal suffering. See if they can quote you a passage. Most Abrahamists don't know their own books from their ass. The two most prominant samples are 1) A dream or 2) An analogy for being denied the presence of God. Hell isn't mentioned all that often, and Purgatoy isn't at all.
Likewise, the existance a forgiving god that hands out eternal punishment is a paradox. You can't be both, thus by their own admission, god can't exist.
This passage could also be used by OP. It is in direct contradiction to the message of the story of the prodigal son. There are numerous examples of contradictions within the Christian Bible and other religious texts. I find using them to be the simplest and most effective way to argue against religion, especially Christianity, because the religious party has to accept your evidence as factual based solely on the virtue of its Biblical and thus "divine" nature. They then have to decide for themselves how to make the judgment because their texts are contradictory, a prospect which, quite frankly, terrifies many Christians.

The above is a site with various simple contradictions in the Christian Bible. Broader, more thematic contradictions are even easier to spot if you develop any familiarity with Biblical texts.
Have fun! :)
I strongly recommend reading a History of Hell and the History of the Devil.

Very interesting and informative stuff, especially good to know for discussions like these! ;)
??? So dose he have everlasting love when he condones slavery, prostitution of your own daughter, stoning of children, or slaughtering of entire towns? Not to mention the entire premise of hell. Hate to tell you this, but I don't think any amount or reasoning used or direct examples will sway this person. For them to make such a baseless claim, tells me that their mind is already made up. Good luck though.


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