My mother and I have never really clicked.
In fact, that could be the understatement of the century. But I accept it. It's what I've become used to.
What I cannot tolerate, however, is her sympathy. Her 'pity' for my godlessness.
It's the condescending, 'Oh, sweetheart, you'll see someday. You'll get over this radical collegiate phase,'
It's that, 'Bless your soul. I'll pray that you find the truth,'
Or, my absolute FAVORITE -
'Why are you doing this to yourself?'
And she rolls her eyes. Shakes her head. Appeals to heaven.
[Rinse with holy water, and repeat.]

The woman thinks I am dooming myself to a bleak worldview; she finds my lack of faith almost masochistic. Her line of thought goes something like this (be warned - it's based entirely on religious assumptions):
-------> God exists and He is good.
------>With his goodness, God has created everything in the universe.
----->Thus, good human beings owe their goodness to God.
---->Humans, then, who credit their goodness elsewhere (say, to their upbringing or personal moral compass) are self centered and ignorant of the larger picture.
--->This blind here-and-now humanistic worldview will result in the individual foolishly and blasphemously disconnecting his/herself with God.
-->Without contact with the divine, the individual will induce misery and bring about his/her own demise.
->Thus, I, as an atheist, am subconsciously, tragically dooming myself to depression and the pursuit of profane, fleeting pleasure as opposed to a lasting peace with God.

Right. Of course. Silly me. Because that's such tight logic, right?

On top of this, my uncle promised that he would pray for me so that I don't eternally burn with the sinners and heathens. He also called my brother a worshiper of the Antichrist because he listens to metal music.
Has anyone else encountered condescending sentiment similar to this, or is it just my Polish Catholic family?

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That song is by depeche mode. Manson covered it.
I don't know too many Depeche Mode songs (I think the only one I know is "Precious", which I love) and the only Marilyn Manson song I've heard is their cover of "Tainted Love" which I didn't like nearly as much as Soft Cell's version. should check them out more not that I know they're atheistic/anti-Christian though. ;)
Oh, Blasphemous Rumours from Depeche Mode is also quite nice. ;-)
I went to a MM concert when I was younger with my now ultra-Christian little sister. He tore up a bible and threw the pages into the audience. The concert was protested by very distressed youth groups as we stood in line to go in. Lots of save-your-soul pamphlets. In addition to the religious clashing, it was also a very good show.
Oh, thanks! I might watch that.
As for rebelling against the flock, three cheers =]
If you want the christian view of how rock n roll, is evil. Go on youtube and watch the "they sold their soul for rock n roll". They go from the beach boys to creed, telling how their music is evil.
I think I'm going to have some major bonding time with youtube tonight. Thanks =]
holy crap, they said Creed is "evil?" How the hell is Creed anything but Christian??? wow!
Watch the documentary, (or whatever you call it) here is the link for when they talk about creed.

elvis, micheal jackson, the beatles, the rolling stones, the doors, jimi hendrix, are just a few others that the documentary names as "doing the devils work".
Wow. As a Christian, I found Creed to be religiously inspirational music! Nowadays, I can't listen to them without engaging in suspension-of-disbelief, lol!
I like your cynicism. I have a similar experience with my dad who is a hardcore Christian, hosting bible studies weekly and everything. He doesn't take my beliefs seriously in a way seemingly similar to your mom's, thinking of it as a phase of rebellion that I will grow out of. Instead of considering my views or lack of religion, he thinks of me as a "doubter of Christianity", possibility because he can't handle the truth that I flat out rejected it.

If I had to speculate, I think it might be a generational difference or some parental 'thing'. None of my (current) Christian friends had much difficulty accepting my beliefs as legitimate. They don't treat me condescendingly the way my father does, instead we just agree to disagree because it's not worth ruining a friendship over. I am respected for what I believe and instead I am judged based on how I treat them. I think the same principles should apply to yours and my parents, but unfortunately that's not the case.
Our generation really is infinitely more open minded - my friends, like yours, don't judge my belief, but rather question it. Are intrigued by it. Philosophically.
My parents don't like to give it that chance. I only JUST convinced my mother that established religion perpetuates sexism. Oi.
I totally get what you mean as being typecast as a "doubter of Christianity" as opposed to an atheist.
Granted, much of the sentiment I express is based on the ridiculous way people treat the Bible, the word of the Pope, other religions. But can you blame me? Breaking down the intellectually corrupt institutions here on earth is a stepping stone to accepting the nonexistence of a God. It's a logical way to progress through an argument: profane --> sacred (or in this case, NOT sacred).

It probably is a parent thing. They need to realize that just because my flesh and bones come from their loins, their thoughts don't immediately transfer as well. Those are much more lovely and immaterial ;]


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