There's a girl at my school who wants to be a minister, she found out I was Atheist and for about a week I became her personal project. She told me all the usual line about feeling god in her life and how it answers all her prayers (yes I refer to god as an it. If there's only one of them how does it have a gender). Anyway I asked her about all the starving children of the world, and all the kids born with HIV/AIDS in Africa and she said "God works in mysterious ways."


Now my question is, why should I worship a god? Even if I had ABSOLUTE PROOF that a deity existed why would that make me want to bow down to the scumbag? Would you? Why do Theist think that if they can only prove the unprovable that we will all convert?

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Okay I see where i messed up I messed up in writing this. I didnt say that to her. Im calling it a scumbag here because.... well because thats how I view it. What my question is is , why do they (any religous group) think that simply making us (atheists) believe a god exsists enough to make us worship it? Is that clearer? I dont know its late and i feel like its not! Lol

Actually I would.  If someone could prove to me that a god existed, really for real, and he/she/it wanted me to lay face down on a pile of turds in trade for some happy chocolate and candy canes kind of eternal life, I would dive into those turds like they were Honey Nut Cheerios.  That's just me though.


The point is that there isn't a shred of evidence for the existence of any kind of deity or paranormal hoo-haw, and I'm not foolish enough to by a pouch of magic beans.  If you want to develop some debating skills though, I suggest you follow the links that Nelson offered below.

By defintion, a perfect being does not need anything. That includes worship too.
That does make sense. 
Also thank you for not mentioning my debating skills as others have done. :)
Depends on which god was demonstrated to be true. Existence wouldn't equate automatic worship for me. If it was the Christina god, then no (assuming the Biblical account of his nasty deeds wasn't shown to be inverse to the truth). If the god of the Bible were proven to be the one true god, I would actually consider it a moral imperative to defy such a being. But if it was say... Buddha, than I'd probably join on in.
Okay let me just begin this by saying yes this post is poorly written and yes it is more of a rant then anything but dont bring up my debate skills. Please and thank you.
Second, what I should have asked was "Given absolute proof of the existance of a deity would you worship it?" the conversation I had with that girl had little to do with the question it was just what made me think of the question.


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