Yes, me in this sad anonymous nickname, and just on this internet site, this is as far as i can call "coming out". Living in a country controlled by religious people and shari'a law, there is no "coming out", unless you want to be killed!. 


If you "come out" here, your own family will beg you to keep it in the family, for you not to be killed, this is of-course the best scenario possible, even though they really believe that if you get killed you deserve it! their own son! and of-course you're going to hell.


The worst case scenario, you get disowned by you're family, they are the ones who report you so you can be punished by shari'a law, and the punishment for leaving your religion is death as many of you know.



So yes, Think Atheist is me coming out, to complete strangers, can't do anything else, whatever you put in videos. I cant even tell my best friend because I'm afraid i will push her away! And yes, DON'T come out if you're like me!.

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Apologies... I forget that every now and then.


Most of the UK is a great place to be an atheist...

I won't even respond to this one since it's a repetition of the ones I already refuted. Nobody read what I said, obviously. I wasn't telling them to come out, I was telling them they shouldn't tell other people not to, because that's how religion got so powerful in the first place. I don't care what THEY do, but they shouldn't be telling other people what to do any more than you guys seem to be deluded into thinking I was. I was pointing out that some people have and do and will continue to martyr themselves for the cause-- because that's the only way things will change. She can stay silent, but others don't have to and shouldn't ever have to. If you want a right, you take it.

OK you are obviously very passionate about your beliefs and that is commendable.  There is also some truth in what you say, people do have to stand up for their beliefs but there are many ways of doing so and one step in that direction is to find a place of affirmation where ideas can be explored in safety.  I hope that for Icant say that place will be here.


So, in order to avoid annoying you further, I have read your posts most carefully and, although you are quite correct, you never actually said that Icantsay should come out, what you did say is loaded with implication.  So, it is not at all surprising that people have read between the lines and been left with that impression.  Your tone is unpleasantly superior and implies a lack of courage and conviction on the part of others with whose experience you are clearly unable to empathise or even comprehend.  Perhaps in similar circumstances you would have the courage of your convictions or perhaps not; lucky for you though that you don't have to put it to the test.  If I am entirely honest I find your position on this, not only naive but crassly insensitive. 


It is also evident that you have a pretty slim grasp of the historical context in which religion gained its status and power.  Religion is not some totalitarian regime that sprang up on the basis of a crazy ideology like Nazism; gaining its grip because no one dared stand against it, but rather it is the primitive attempt of the human mind to explain what was unexplainable and accordingly has gained its powerbase through the many millennia of our human history and pre-history.  Thankfully, some of us are lucky enough to have the freedom to think beyond that these days and the scientific tools to continually move our knowledge onwards.   


Finally… We, who are born in countries where freedom of speech and belief are sacrosanct, should show nothing but admiration for anyone, under the circumstances described by Icantsay, who can think outside of the box at all; furthermore if we really care about forwarding the freedom from delusion that Atheism represents, we should offer nothing but support when we encounter someone who does.           


I understand now what you're saying, and I'm just saying that I don't recommend coming out, in my opinion, and for those reasons I said, because there maybe some people like you who are passionate and also taken by the beautiful dream of freely talking about what they believe or don't believe in, and I just want them to know the consequences of coming out here. It is hard and dangerous. The most important thing here is religion, friends become enemies for having different views, even family!! Leaving Islam means that i deserve to die. My address, phone number, the car I drive with plate numbers and maybe my picture will be published in their Islamic sites, my blood will be "Halal" and that means that individuals can act on their own and kill me, and they will be heroically congratulated not punished because killing me is their ticket to heaven, and they are the vast majority.

I don't want that to happen to anyone, that's why I don't "recommend" coming out. And this is not telling them what to do. 

I want you to know that I agree with you that something have to be done for change to happen, and I think it's a matter of timing and unfortunately the time isn't now, I think it's still too dangerous.

Brave words, Ava,

"If you want a right, you take it" - or die trying.

Would you, Ava?

Brave words, Ava,

If you want a right, you take it - or die trying.

Would you, Ava?

You are one brave girl, Ava.

But those are just brave words, nothing else.

Try going to Iran and there admit you're an atheist.

Yes, do that, then tell us all about it - that is, if you still can - with your head separated from your body. Coming out in Think Atheist is a very brave act for ICantSay. Even this is dangerous. Kudos to you, ICantSay. Please be careful. Keep posting here, so we know you are safe.

yeah I dont think is worth it to lose your life by coming out as an atheist, I do think is best to do whatever you can to be more free but not getting killed

Succinct and very agreeable.  

Yours is certainly a very good reason not to come out. If I were in your situation I'd do the best I could to help things progress in the direction that would eventually be more friendly to myself and others who are 'different' in some way. My personal experience with being an out atheist (because I have that luxury) have been very good even compared to the experiences of others in my own country; the USA a country in which all are supposed to be treated equally all are supposed to have the freedom of religion. I think there are several situations where it is ok not to come out as an atheist and your position certainly tops the list. If you are under threat of death don't come out. If you are still living with and/or dependent upon your parents for the necessities of life and they will disown you or throw you out or withhold financial support then don't come out. If you are a person with children and will lose your home, your job with little to no hope of getting a new one and security don't come out until you can ensure your family can be taken care of. I'd love to tell everyone don't be afraid come out show others that you are here... but that to me would be ignoring the grave situations some people find themselves in. I think it's rather unfortunate that the world seems to need martyrs to make a step in the right direction. Actually it downright sickens me that torture and death is a more powerful at persuading  people to change than logic reason understanding and kindness toward our fellow humans.


I really hope all the best for you and look forward to your contribution on this website. I think we need more people from other corners of the world to give us new perspectives.

Oh how incredible is your situation.. I am so in awe of the courage shown by people like you. I thought leaving catholicism was difficult enough, with so many of my relatives still being practicing catholics but this is a different world, unknown to most of us. You will have great support from this site, it's like a therapy.  Its amazing how, in the midst of the crazy world of religion, reading the thoughts of sensible people can be so soothing.. sometimes they even make you smile! Good luck!

thank you all for your support :) i'll do my best to make this place better for me, if not the country then the society i'm in.


Thank u again, it's really good to be heard even from behind screens and keyboards.


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