Women against feminism parody has a new face....with whiskers...

"Women Against Feminism" have officially joined the ranks of internet infamy: it's been parodied by cats.

There have been numerous responses to the "Women Against Feminism" Tumblr, which features pictures of women holding signs that describe why they don't need feminism -- but this one definitely takes the cake.

"Confused Cats Against Feminism" brilliantly exposes just how misguided the idea that women don't need feminism is. The Tumblr features cats holding signs declaring "I don't need feminism because I can't eat it or shed on it," and "I don't need feminism because it's not food. Is it food? Where's my food."

The confused cat signs poke fun at the women featured on "Women Against Feminism" and their fundamental misunderstanding of the feminist movement. The bizarre concept of cats caring about feminism echoes the similarly bizarre and misguided signs such as "I don't need feminism because I need a man to respect me," and "I don't need feminism because my sex life is not a political agenda," featured on "Women Against Feminism."

We're not totally prepared to forgive cats for turning up their tails at feminism, but we have to admit, their reasoning seems a bit more sound than their human counterparts'. After all, cats really can't eat gender equality.

"Hey, cats need a place where they can post pictures of themselves holding signs denouncing feminism for assorted weird reasons that don’t seem to have anything to do with what feminism is actually about," wrote David Futrelle, the man behind the Tumblr page. If it means more cute kitties on the Internet, we'll support the catriarchy to the end.

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Do you agree or disagree with their initiative? Is it effective? Does it send the right message?

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Unseen, you'll love this! Lol

Phunny photos.

Were I a woman, there's a kind of feminism I couldn't be part of. I would want to be part of a feminism that fights for fair wages (which isn't always equal wages), that fights violence against women, and that fights the trivializing or parodizing of female traits ("He cried just like a little girl," which is vicious because little boys cry, too.).

I personally feel that there is a need of feminism at some level to achieve equal balance and fairness  distributed between all genders of society. First of all, male domination is still common through the different faculties of society and the planet is still dominated by all-male cult secret societies, who are in government, corporations and institutions etc. I think equality would occur naturally if those organisations were not gender bias, and some how it would flow through society with this structure format they designed. I don't like this structure… it exists weather i like it or not, but gender diversity in this elite authoritarian cap over the rest of society would make a lot of positive changes. 

There is so much oppression against women, and much of the the ideals of oppression come from religion, which were invented by the religio political elites to control society.

...the planet is still dominated by all-male cult secret societies, who are in government, corporations and institutions etc.


I'll grant the domination by males, but secret societies???

Yep,  theistic superstitious societies....which is why I group them all in "religio political elites" one of them I can name and you never noticed it... The vatican for starters.. actually its one of the things I discovered to prove that theism is a delusion enforced on people so they could be manipulated. The pre requists for these societies is that you have to be a man,  secondly you have to believe in a god....

What's secret about The Vatican?

You don't get it ? I would be short and explicit.  Vatican has secrets behind closed doors, they created the Knights Templar  who later became the Free Masons… and all of these groups are male only, and they all have a political and financial influence and authority and governance over the rest of the institutions, and they manipulate law and order, hence where the searing on the bible in court came from…, even the Monarchy of UK is under vatican under god, which we know does not exist, and is imaginary which displays the fraud and corruption in this image. They believe god gave them the right of authority, when we know ourselves because we are atheists that god does not exist, and they just shoved their asses into authority over the rest of the population.

And yet, despite their being so secret, you just told me all about them.

Its what they do behind closed foods is what they keep secret rather than their existence, I thought you knew that.

The cat parody is a counteract to women like this:


It is by far the funniest response so far to their ignorance...

But...does it send the right message? I think (personally) the message should be fierce bold outrage and a little more in your face...not fluffy cat cuteness...but that's just my opinion.

The problem with old school feminism is that it peddles the idea that women are victims. If there is any difference between men and women in terms of pay or other rewards (promotion, recognition, etc.) it is always analyzed as though the only explanation is some vast male conspiracy against women. So they peddle paranoia as well.

Some of the differences in pay may be based on natural advantages one sex has over the other. If a job involves sheer muscle power, one can expect it to be a male-dominated job. Want to know why relatively few firefighters are women? A firefighter might have to lift someone and get them out of a burning building as quickly as possible. Who is most likely to do that better, a 220 lb male or a 170 lb woman? And 170 lb is pretty huge for a physically fit woman. I know which one I'd want to get me out of the burning building: whichever one is more capable of handling my 200 lb. I think chances are it's the guy.

If a job involves a naturally empathetic and nurturing nature, it's more likely women will fill that role better. If you show me a place where male nurses or elementary school teachers are routinely paid more than women, I would be very concerned. That is just counterintuitive.

Are women always treated fairly? Absolutely not. Are they always treated from a starting position of equality? No. Yes, there are things that need to be fixed, but

But the women against feminism isn't even about things like fair wages. They are touting their purity and chastity and goody-goody two shoes mentality like, "I don't need feminism because I want to be treated like a lady..." Yada yada bullshit which basically is the same mentality that the Christians shove down everybody's throats. It is to say if you don't act meek, submissive, and look cute then you will piss men off and they won't respect you. So I can understand they this group who came back with the cat parody turned some heads. They are poking fun at these women who act like they have to stay weak in order to be respected, and yes, that does piss me off because it let's the men off the hook for acting like assholes if you dare stand up for yourself or disagree with them. That's the mentality that's being reinforced. It's the equivalent of Muslim women wearing their burkas and saying "I don't need liberation!" It's the same mentality. It's stupidity and ignorance and it's saddening to me because it's the women themselves who are keeping themselves victims. But doing so because of patriarchal brainwashing (Christian)...


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