I don't get several things about "Free Will" but at the top of the list....

...is the argument: If Yahweh actually showed up, I.E. provided some sort of evidence that would separate all of Christianity from made up fairy tales, that it would take away our "Free Will," and "Free Will" is a good thing.

1)I've disobeyed my own father in his presence, that invalidates the whole seeing equal obeying thing.

2) Your own Bible has in its own stories, people who interacted with God yet disobeyed him including: Adam, Eve, Cain, Jonah, Eli and his sons, King Saul, Nadab, Abihu, Moses, Moses' followers, and Solomon.

3)If "Free Will" is good, then it is in heaven, but wait...isn't heaven supposed to be in the presence of God?


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Yes, the argument that God does not reveal himself as it would take away our "choice" about worshipping him does not stand up to scrutiny. For a start, several figures in the Bible claimed to have seen or experienced God and yet continued to be devout men of faith. 

Secondly, I read a good article once (sorry, can't find it now) where someone pointed out that providing more information or evidence does not take away choices but just informs them. The writer compared it to courtroom where the judge decided to withhold iron-clad evidence of the defendant's guilt because it would make the verdict so obvious it would take away the jurors choice. Obviously this is nonsense.


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