Hi all,
I've had a personal 'spiritual' experience that really bothers me. I am an atheist and have been for quite a while. Yet this experience still bothers me and I really need to share this with folks that have the ability to, perhaps, set my mind at ease. I have only shared this experience with family. They are convinced it was about God 'coming through' and saving my sorry butt.
Here goes:
In fall of '03 I was driving an 18-wheeler through Utah, backside- Highway 6 from Green River to Price. This is a 2 lane highway. It was an awesome morning, maybe 6:30. Good light. I was driving across a valley that had these cool fog pods... like mushroom shaped coherent clouds, say a thousand yards across. I had driven through a few and they were dense, with a very discernible wall when you approached them. I was, perhaps 300 yards from another one and--- a very clear voice said: " get off the road NOW"-- almost a shout. I was so startled that I panic stopped... brakes, gears, and Jake-brakes. When I got slow, I got the entire truck off the pavement. I wasn't even at a full-stop and was very close to the 'wall' of fog- when 2 trucks came out of the fog wall. One truck was passing the other. Needless to say, it would have been a spectacular head-on.
I think I just sat there for a while. I don't really remember anymore.. I do remember that I was stuck on that shoulder for a while locking axles and whatever to get back on the pavement. I finally got to Price and delivered. Odd as it seems, it was like PTSD and I rapidly "forgot" about it. Like my mind could not digest this and just stored it away. I quit driving trucks a few months later.

Over these last 8 years I often think about this event as it could apply  to the question -- "If not God then what -or- who ??"
Was I psychic ?? Did I subliminally hear their air horns, as I probably had Pink Floyd cranked on the stereo ? Who was the voice ?? It didn't sound like me or anyone I know. Yet it sure seemed real enough to me. I was NOT doing drugs as my company drug tested often as do some DOT stations (when you have long hair). I was well slept, at Green River. This is, by far, the only "miraculous" thing that has ever happened to me. I mean, I've had some pleasent 'coincidences' happen, but NOTHING with a 'voice'. That was way over the top.  Heck my hands are shaking trying to type this.

Anyone got any helpful ideas on this ?? I can go to my grave never knowing or even having a clue, but, scientifically-- I want answers. I think I deserve to know. But.... who can tell me ? This is one of those things I'd love to run by the Dalai Lama... LOL.


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-Maybe you saw headlights through the fog but your mind didn't acknowledge them. 

-Google 'lyrics "get off the road", there's tons of songs using a form of these lyrics, maybe one of these songs was playing?

-I live on top of a small but steep hill in the country, and whenever we turn in we have to cross the road. The limit is 80kmh (50mph), but cars often do 100km (60mph). It's all too often a game of chance just pulling in, some instances an oncoming car was just a second away from hitting me. Some could say it's a miracle, I just call it luck. 

Why does it need to be god? what if you just assumed it was unsafe?as it clearly was, what if you noticed something that you missed but your brain reacted for ur slow ass :P.. i know that sounds stupid but i have driven from one town to the next and zoned out and can't remember the whole fucking drive. Its freaky but my friends claim the same thing, so it's possible that could have happened.

That happens to me half the times I drive. 

Memories change over time.  They are not perfect recorders of events, I was always amazed at the complete differences between my and my parents recollection of past events.

I looked up highway 6 on google, just to get a feeling for it, and it seems you had the room to pull the rig off the road.

Now, I have no idea how long it takes to bring a full 18-wheeler to a stop, but you said you were still slowing down when you saw the trucks emerging from the fog. 

That said, I do have some experiences, both in a car and on my motorcycle, where I nearly avoided colliding with the vehicle in front of me. And I do know my subconscious had to kick in there, because in the second thereafter I had to recollection of my foot (or hand and foot, in case of the motorcycle) shooting to the brake and preventing an accident.

So your near miss, as others have said before me, is explainable by good reaction time and possibly some luck. As for the voice, I don't know, but since you're having nightmares about the event, it could be that the voice got included as a unknown voice (as you called it) only after the experience.

Loud premonition ?

Hi Richard,

I would tend to agree with your supposition that you probably received some warning at a subliminal level.  Maybe the voice was your subconscious trying to jar you into a reaction.

I've had aural and visual hallucinations, lucid and premonitory dreams, and out-of-body experiences, all of which I can rationalise as simple tricks of the mind. 

Tiredness especially can bring on hallucinations and I bet you can remember times when you've been that tired.

If it's any consolation, your account is no evidence whatsoever for God.  It could just as easily have been Martians, a pixie, a ghost or Bigfoot that yelled.

The fact that you can rationalize it is good for your sanity, however it does not prove anything.

Ghostly images have been filmed live on british security cameras on at least one famous castle.


It was rationalized as a hoax yet to this day no one knows what it was.

'Ghost' caught on palace camera
Security film of Hampton Court Palace
Security guards spotted a figure in period dress
Security film at Hampton Court Palace has captured a ghostly image.

CCTV cameras picked up the vision at the 16th Century Surrey palace, which has a reputation for being haunted.

Security guards spotted that fire doors kept opening in an exhibition area, and on one occasion checked the footage and saw a figure in period dress.

"I thought someone was having a laugh but our costumed guides don't own a costume like that. It is actually quite unnerving," said warder James Faukes.

"It was incredibly spooky because the face just didn't look human," he said.

State apartment warder Ian Franklin added: "Someone who appears to be in a full cloak walks forward, brings one door in, another door in and then closes it behind them.


Hampton, BBC
Hampton Court has seen many dramatic royal events

"It is really difficult to come up with a rational explanation for it."

Even before the security film was checked a visitor had noted in the palace's visitor book that she thought she had seen a ghost in that area

The palace, a home of King Henry VIII, has seen many dramatic royal events, from the death of Henry's third wife, Jane Seymour, to the condemnation and house arrest of his fifth, Catherine Howard, for adultery.

Staff, visitors, workmen and residents have reported seeing Catherine's ghost and heard her uttering terrible cries in an area of the palace called the Haunted Gallery.



My favorite part of the animated gif is when the "16th century spirit who knows how to operate a modern fire exit door" fumbles and has to close the door a second time.


Keep em coming, Michael. I always enjoy googling your miracles, magic, ghosts and goblins.

These things are invariant in the human experience for whatever reason, ghosts, ufos, crop circles and more general the unexplained. As Gandolf the grey said, "There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of the world." ;)

If you've put a million miles on the road, you have very well-refined reflexes and perceptions below your consciousness. My dad drove cross-country for his work often, and likewise has well over a million miles under his belt. While driving with him on a long road trip, he could be dead asleep in the backseat at 4 am, and he'd wake up and tell me to slow down if I crept over 65mph, just from the engine sound. Without nearly as much experience, I get nervous as hell driving into fog I can't see through.


As others have noted above, our minds are capable of some weird stuff, including putting words to an unconscious conclusion, even after the fact. I hope you can overcome your driving phobia. It sounds like you're someone I'd feel safe having on the road, rather than the idiots who don't pay attention and drive like the own the place.

Don't expect many supernatural explanations on an Atheist site. Atheist run the full spectrum beliefs. Everything from Agnostic skeptics on down. In the minority you find Atheist that entertain the existence of ghost but not God. This is because Atheism is not a doctrine or statement of belief. It is a statement of the disbelief in God. I am sure some Atheist might advise you on a possible supernatural explanation.

I am a metaphysicist and a Theist. I can neither explain quantum mechanical spooky action at distance anymore than Dark energy or matter, therefore who am I to rule out the possibliity of beings that are just merely invisible to our sensible light spectrum.


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