Hi all,
I've had a personal 'spiritual' experience that really bothers me. I am an atheist and have been for quite a while. Yet this experience still bothers me and I really need to share this with folks that have the ability to, perhaps, set my mind at ease. I have only shared this experience with family. They are convinced it was about God 'coming through' and saving my sorry butt.
Here goes:
In fall of '03 I was driving an 18-wheeler through Utah, backside- Highway 6 from Green River to Price. This is a 2 lane highway. It was an awesome morning, maybe 6:30. Good light. I was driving across a valley that had these cool fog pods... like mushroom shaped coherent clouds, say a thousand yards across. I had driven through a few and they were dense, with a very discernible wall when you approached them. I was, perhaps 300 yards from another one and--- a very clear voice said: " get off the road NOW"-- almost a shout. I was so startled that I panic stopped... brakes, gears, and Jake-brakes. When I got slow, I got the entire truck off the pavement. I wasn't even at a full-stop and was very close to the 'wall' of fog- when 2 trucks came out of the fog wall. One truck was passing the other. Needless to say, it would have been a spectacular head-on.
I think I just sat there for a while. I don't really remember anymore.. I do remember that I was stuck on that shoulder for a while locking axles and whatever to get back on the pavement. I finally got to Price and delivered. Odd as it seems, it was like PTSD and I rapidly "forgot" about it. Like my mind could not digest this and just stored it away. I quit driving trucks a few months later.

Over these last 8 years I often think about this event as it could apply  to the question -- "If not God then what -or- who ??"
Was I psychic ?? Did I subliminally hear their air horns, as I probably had Pink Floyd cranked on the stereo ? Who was the voice ?? It didn't sound like me or anyone I know. Yet it sure seemed real enough to me. I was NOT doing drugs as my company drug tested often as do some DOT stations (when you have long hair). I was well slept, at Green River. This is, by far, the only "miraculous" thing that has ever happened to me. I mean, I've had some pleasent 'coincidences' happen, but NOTHING with a 'voice'. That was way over the top.  Heck my hands are shaking trying to type this.

Anyone got any helpful ideas on this ?? I can go to my grave never knowing or even having a clue, but, scientifically-- I want answers. I think I deserve to know. But.... who can tell me ? This is one of those things I'd love to run by the Dalai Lama... LOL.


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I once had a similar experience that I wrote about in a journal. While it was no doubt a creepy, strange, unexplainable event, when I re-read it years later, I realized my memory had certainly changed a bit, so that may be part of it as others have mentioned.


Regardless, it still happened and it was WEIRD. Human instincts and strange abilities of the mind fascinate me, but thus far there is no evidence to point to a supernatural explanation for things like premonitions or deja vu.


I recently watched an interesting episode of "Through The Wormhole" with Morgan Freeman called "Is There A Sixth Sense?" which explores some of these strange phenomena.




About 5 mins into part 3 there is a study you might find particularly interesting.

The only thing that your experience proves is that you are a good driver. Good drivers simply have better instincts - especially about danger. I have felt this many times - a gut instinct on what was around the corner - your brain picks up on perceptions of what is around you - I had a very similar experience driving through fog - very unusual in Australia - and pulled off the road - a car came roaring up behind me - it would have hit my car if I had not pulled off the road - just good instincts and gut feeling - you are a good driver with fabulous musical taste, and we need more like you. No spirits, no god, no psychic - plus Pink Floyd in the mix. A sure winner.

People are not necessarily crazy nor in need of a psychiatrist. The unexplained happens, we just have to get over it. There  are far more deeper mysterious to this universe and existence it self than to worry about possible poltergeist activities. Most people don't want to admit that they have experienced the unexplained. This is bad, because people who subsequently do get very disturbed and may even become suicidal. 

Cases in point:

Most pilots refuse to report UFO's

When the UFO flap happen over Washington D.C. in 1941, the airforce was alerted and searched out to destroy, however the public was given a bogus explanation.

UFO flap of Los Angeles also brought out the official denial syndrome.

Don't know, is an acceptable response. But this denial and cruel mocking of those that report these things is harmful approach.


I'm not trying to pigeonhole you but if you listen to Pink  Floyd and you have long hair (like I do ) then you may have experimented with psychedelics at some point in life ( like I have) If you have ever taken LSD, aural and visual hallucinations can occur years after a trip. So you're driving along, blasting psychedelic music (Floyd is often extensively vamped with multiple tracks of weird noises) and that may have triggered something.I know you may have never taken drugs in your life, but if you have that may be an explanation. Another thing is maybe you fell asleep for a split second and dreamed the voice. I know I can nod off sometimes, not even feel that tired, then suddenly I feel like I'm falling or I have an intense dream that only lasts a few seconds. The next thing I know I'm freaking out because I wake up suddenly and I'm not sure what happened. If I fall asleep listening to music I'll hear it in my dream but all weird and distorted. You know what I mean? The brain is weird. This sounds like it was an intense moment and a very strange occurrence but I don't think it was anything supernatural. Good luck sorting it out, Brother.

Richard, we call your experience “intuition.” It’s rather common and happens all the time. It manifests itself as that little voice in our head or that nagging feeling.  It usually happens to me just as I’m leaving my house. I think to myself: “I should take X with me today” and when I leave X behind, inevitably I need it. I think part of our intuition is based on previous experience and that we can subconsciously anticipate our potential needs for just about any given situation. In your case, having driven through a few patches of dense fog already, there is no doubt that either consciously or subconsciously, you were able to recognize the potential danger of plowing head first into the unknown. Eventually that fear grew to such a point that it resulted in you pulling off the road. It’s a common thing to second-guess ourselves when presented with a potentially dangerous situation. We have instincts that help to preserve our life. In a sense, your situation was like playing Russian roulette. You recognized the danger of the situation and became increasingly uneasy as you repeatedly put yourself at risk until you couldn’t justify the risk anymore and you simply stopped playing. It seems that in your situation, risk assessment may have played a part in your intuition. Either way, I wouldn’t chalk that up to god, but instead to self-preservation and blind luck.

It was the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Actually, I have it figured out. You drive a tractor-trailer.. you heard someone talk to you.. It was obviously your CB Radio. Braker Braker, over and out.

I've sometimes come out of bad blood sugar crashes, finding myself far from where I last remember being, eating food that I've apparently bought and paid for, with a voice in my head telling me "You can't die. I won't let you."

I've always attributed it to my subconscious. Or, my autopilot. The part of me that knows how to do  things when I'm not paying attention. The part of me that notices things that my train of thought might have missed.

Subconscious may be the wrong word. It may be a left-brain/right-brain thing. I recently watched an RSA Animate video about left-brain/right-brain that pointed out that one hemisphere devotes itself to reasoning, and sorting, and focused lines of reasoning, and the other side pays attention to a broader context, noticing the things we aren't paying attention to.

I suspect a shouting voice may be a way my right-brain gets the attention of my left-brain when it's urgent to do so. I suspect part of your brain noticed something your stream-of-consciousness missed, and the hallucination of a shout was the fastest way to convey that information to you.


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