I predicted with great accuracy what would happen....If Trump became the nominee he would be President....

Now I am predicting that I need to get the hell out of the United States. No joke. I have been saying for over a year now I want the fuck OUT!!

We ARE going to war, like, soon....I'm fucking scared....Call me crazy if you want. But I KNOW I'm right!!!!!!!

Please someone get us out of here.

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Nothing from Trump or whats-his-Kim looks over the top to me, yet. Russia's not involved, but China, as they should be.

There's been a long history of threats from NK, fishing for some kind of picnic among world powers, and finally their "demands", which is usually just money, but I can imagine them asking for more of something this time Because they have bombs and I guess planes big enough to carry them (but I don't know).

So far, this is interesting in that the NK whats-his-Kim regime should be shitting in their Kimchi pots about now. Kim's picnic may get rained on this time, in light of Trump's unpredictable mental states.

I'm not saying this is a good thing, except in the sense that somehow, someday Kim-regime must change, and it's better now than later when he has more nukes, if possible. Personally, I think he needs a dose of V8... err, I mean VX.

(I feel sorry for the rest of his country, even his commanders. I wish and hope China will offer more support in terms of regime change. Hell, I wish they'd just take over NK at this point.)


I had been predicting that if Hillary got in we would be an Islamic state by now or in a massive civil war again.


Unlikely prediction, that.


A feminist woman president allowing brutally sexist misogynistic homophobic discriminatory sharia law? I don't know if this is a hilarious joke or the results of American-disaster-paranoia on crack. If it is the earlier...funny indeed. If it's the latter...yikes.

That'll be Trump's next reality show:

Hillbillies On Crack & Jesus

Her actions speak louder than words. She wanted to bring in muslims by the tens of thousands. I also don't see her as much of a feminist. Correct me if I am wrong. Someone that says they believe in one thing or they are one thing but act contrary to what they say are not really what they claim to be. Much like I could have hid out in church pretending to be a believer if I had wanted. I prefer to be honest about who I am and what I believe or don't believe. Let's face it, honesty is not something politicians Hillary included are good at. I think Hillary was saying she is a feminist to get votes from that voting block, nothing more.

Hillary is indisputably a feminist. Your denial of this comes from bias and nothing else. A brief view of her career would discredit your theory.

Clinton didn't plan on importing tens of thousands of Muslims. Where did you read this fiction? She is pro allowing educated and financially stable families to immigrate but from all countries.

And even if thousands of Muslims would have been imported (which is a straw man at best) that doesn't make the host country suddenly Sharia. Germany and Belgium ha e a substantial amount of Muslims in their population (at a much much much higher rate than the US) and Sharia practices are not tolerated nor do any Muslims have any representation in government.

The idea that immigrant Muslims could arrive in the US.. Overtake the non-muslim population in a few years...and then change the constitution with congress support and multiple states agreeing...to allow religious practice to be established, overturn all other human rights coded into the constitution and dictate laws through an establishment of religion...is absurd.

The idea that Hillary would welcome this is preposterous and the idea that this could happen in our lifetime is so rediculous I think it is one of the most hilarious things I have read this year. Zheesh

My father was such an arch conservative (John Birch Conservative) that he firmly believed that once the Communists took over the US all people forty and over would be exterminated which isn't much different than what you just said. At that time (50's and 60's) it was believed that the government and especially the State Department was mostly controlled and staffed by Communists just waiting for the right moment to take over. What that right moment was supposed to be was only suggested but never mentioned or really specified.

I was never able to get my mind around that absurdity. At the time I considered myself a weak conservative with strong liberal leanings. At the time I was just entering College so my political beliefs were being challenged by the tenor of the times (mid-60's). It sounds as if I was a young whippersnapper but in reality I'd just gotten out or the USAF at about 35 or there abouts exposed to radically new ideas. That is rather liberal ideas that made more sense than the ideas inculcated by my parents and the military.

This is not mere paranoia. Everywhere the muslims have had the ability to gain a stronghold, they make a pain in the ass of themselves. They bring crazy beliefs with them and refuse to change. In this case it is us that is changing to suit them. In the 1960's it was the communists that needed to change and we would not bend at all. We start bringing in large amounts of them and all of a sudden every fast food place and supermarket starts only carrying the muslim form of kosher meats, except the actual jewish kosher section that is. When you get KFC, it is more than likely halal meat you are eating. Muslim owned KFC's no longer are required to serve pork of any kind. We are changing. Sharia law is creeping in everywhere, it is just not being called that. If you are a pig farm and muslims start moving in nearby, they will attempt to make you move out. Like it or not, this is different from the 60's.

"This is not mere paranoia."

So KFC is now forbidden by law to serve pork? I don't believe that. Sounds more like free enterprise to me. Surely you can come up with a better example to fear? (Haha, not Taco Bell, yet... and, uh, "the mexicans"?)

According to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, you've got a point:  she believes that political islamists exploit our free speech laws in order to infiltrate Western societies for the purpose of imposing their own anti-freedom agenda. 


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