I predicted with great accuracy what would happen....If Trump became the nominee he would be President....

Now I am predicting that I need to get the hell out of the United States. No joke. I have been saying for over a year now I want the fuck OUT!!

We ARE going to war, like, soon....I'm fucking scared....Call me crazy if you want. But I KNOW I'm right!!!!!!!

Please someone get us out of here.

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On a scale of 0 - 100, 100 being absolute pure certainty and 0 being absolutely no clue...how certain are you?

Who do you think we would go to war with? I personally think that a war is unlikely at this point. Mattis wouldn't allow the armed forces to mobilize without good reason. We currently have no foreign policy. Short of China invading Japan or Russia invading Europe (which would call up our aid by international treaty), there's no set policy let alone any type of agreement for a response to an international incident that would allow for an all out war with another country. The people who would formulate some sort of response, the National Security Council, is in such disarray that no response would materialize. Case in point: North Korea just tested a new missile. There was no new talk of sanctions, or any of Trump's usual strongman rhetoric. He barely made a peep. Behind all his bluster, his philosophy tends to be "leave me alone and I'll leave you alone," ... because deep down he's a huge coward and hopes no one else will find out.

I mostly agree, but wonder if Trump's unpredictability might have a positive effect on the North Korean threat. China *finally* stepped in to sanction them. They're a country that actually needs regime change, and China may be the only country with enough power and influence to affect a change without resorting to nuclear options. Trump seems to be pressuring them to take more responsibility, and has "crazy" wild card power at the moment--whatever that could be, who knows, while NK leadership could be imploding.

Trump may be a coward, but he's still a powerful man that's presently mostly unpredictable.


I have a house in Puerto Rico. Three bedrooms, a few blocks from the ocean, everyone's invited. But wait! Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. so chances are a passing nuclear cruiser, armed with cruise missiles will lob one at San Juan and one at Ponce and there goes that idea!

This guy scares the living shit out of me too Belle. He's capable of anything. But half the country thinks he's the bee's knees...

Look, we're Americans. We're here because no one else wanted us. They're not going to take us back. So we have to defend our little back yards and little pink houses with what ever means possible because it's all we got... Running? Not an option. In case you haven't heard most Europeans think we're jerks. My daughter has been in Belgrade, Serbia for the last five months on a scholarship and she can attest to the animus surrounding us Americans. 

I can attest to one thing because I've seen it with my own eye's, we are the baddest MOFO's on the block. Being stationed on an aircraft carrier and maintaining state of the art jet aircraft will do that to you...

@Noel: when can I move in? Lol...I love the sound of Coquis lol....even PR would at least get us off the mainland. Do you take Section 8? I could be there by Sept!

That's funny.

It's my dad's house and it's been pretty much abandoned since he passed. Stayed there when he got sick and the first night, trying to get some sleep, was a nightmare. You heard the Coquis (little tree frogs indigenous to the islands for anyone who never heard the name) but you also heard the feral cats fighting just outside the window and the dogs barking and the rooster's crowing and the crickets, and cicada's, and it was just bedlam out there! My dad slept through it. I had to go get ear plugs.

Interesting. So you don't subscribe to the theory that all this US/Russia posturing is a combined effort to make it seem like Putin and Trump are not in collusion and the elections weren't interfered with?
Nope. I do think Russia interfered with the election (obviously)....but Putin played us. Now they want to take over. Trump was an easy target because he's stupid. And Putin has played him like a fiddle. And now Russia wants to make us pay...I do not think Trump even realizes what he has gotten us into.

Hello people!!!!!!
Oh dear. Trump just told everyone at a press conference with the Italian Prime Minister, that he (Trump) is a great friend of Pavarotti. Not only has Pavarotti been dead for ten years, but his family sent vehement objections to Trumps usage of Nessun Dorma at his pre-election rallies, stating that Pavarotti stood for inclusiveness and would have abhorred Trumps manifesto.

On the plus side, we are 10% through Trumps official term. Only another 9 chunks to go!


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