Hi everyone, my name is Selasi and I just joined this community. I am a Ghanaian from West Africa which is almost 99% religious. I am a newly "converted" atheist almost a year now. Its been pretty difficult for me as I envisaged. I feel rejected anytime I share my newly found "faith" to my friends. my parents don't know as of now because I fear the consequences. I can hardly find my bearing since I am alone because its either there are no atheist in Ghana or I haven't yet found them. I mostly depend on twitter and other social media for information regarding atheism. I have started reading "god is not Great" by Christopher Hitchens which is a very great book and l look forward to reading more from him. I joined this group upon recommendation by one of the people I am following on twitter and I wish I could get all the help I need on here, maybe Atheism 101. Its a pleasure to meet you guys and I look forward to gaining knowledge here. Thank you for accepting me in advance. Adios

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Welcome, Jesse. It's an honor to have your here.

Hi Selasi, Your welcome to think athiest. I laos just joined about a week ago. Still learning to make use to the site.  I must say i feel same way as you. My parents have heard from friends, my denial of their God. Its good to know You have a good and strong heart. Your brain works better with no Fear.  Just remember, We are here for you. And i am here for you too.  I live in Kasoa. Maybe we can hook up sometime and be good friends. My name is Kweku.

Glad to have someone from Ghana. I know there are quite a few of us in Ghana, lookingforward to sharing thoughts with u.

Hi Selasi, great to be part of this group.I am Eugene, a Ghanaian and in Ghana. I joined this group in 2011 when l felt lonely as an atheist. I received support from the group and l hope you would also. Your experience with society and your family is not new. I feel the same. Let's keep in touch and bear in mind that you are not the only atheist in this predominantly religious country. Welcome, Selasi.

Thank u Eugine, I am glad to have met a fellow Ghanain, we could discuss lots of things pertaining to our culture down here, looking forward to exchanging thoughts

Welcome!!! Good luck on here sir :)

Welcome, glad to meet you! I spent 8 months in Guinea Bissau as a Christian missionary. It was after I came back from there I started thinking about whether my god was really real.

I like hearing about folks who have reached atheism in Africa, because I was always taught it wasn't possible. In the little tiny corner of West Africa where I stayed, it seemed like everyone was either religious or superstitious. If you weren't Muslim or Christian, you believed in spirits. You'd pour out wine for your ancestors to drink. You'd make sacrifices to remove a curse laid on you, or to curse someone else. You'd sacrifice to a stone idol for him to protect your home. I heard stories of all kinds of spiritual power there.

As a Christian of course, we thought they were right about the spirits. It's good to know that no matter where you live, people can see reality for what it really is. This 'atheism' isn't just a rich white man's idea.


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