Hi everyone, my name is Selasi and I just joined this community. I am a Ghanaian from West Africa which is almost 99% religious. I am a newly "converted" atheist almost a year now. Its been pretty difficult for me as I envisaged. I feel rejected anytime I share my newly found "faith" to my friends. my parents don't know as of now because I fear the consequences. I can hardly find my bearing since I am alone because its either there are no atheist in Ghana or I haven't yet found them. I mostly depend on twitter and other social media for information regarding atheism. I have started reading "god is not Great" by Christopher Hitchens which is a very great book and l look forward to reading more from him. I joined this group upon recommendation by one of the people I am following on twitter and I wish I could get all the help I need on here, maybe Atheism 101. Its a pleasure to meet you guys and I look forward to gaining knowledge here. Thank you for accepting me in advance. Adios

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Christians are the majority, followed by Islam and Traditionalist make up the least.

I hope you find nice people you can relate to here. Take a weight off your shoulder.

What kind of help can someone in another part of the world offer you?  I'm new to Think Atheist too, but have been a non-believer for many years.

Welcome Selasi.

yes WEB Dubois is really much recognized in Ghana here, I studied him during my first semester in Pan Africanism class in my first year at the university

What sort of consequences do you fear, Jesse? Are you danger of physical attack, imprisonment, being kicked out of your home, or losing your job? What's it like for you to be an atheist in Ghana

Physical attack? Imprisonment? Not at all, but I do face resentment when I talk about by beliefs to my friends. I believe my mum would be too caring to kick me out home. but I believe she will think I am possessed by some sort of demon which will call for massive prayers and fasting I believe.

Your statistic about Ghana is true, but there are no atheist group to really test human rights and all others that comes along with them. and there are no reports on whether someone has been discriminated on the basis of his/her non belief in a god. I think people are scared because of how society will perceive them when they declare their non belief in an imaginary god, they will be seen as frustrated, immoral. and evil and I don't think Ghana is ready to debate on the issue of whether god exist or not. Ghana is so religious that one of our MPs asked us to recite Isaiah 54;17 whenever we are under physical attack and this was said on the floor of parliament. (unimaginable).

There's a group of Humanists. I'm sure they'd enjoy meeting you: Humanist Association of Ghana

Never heard of this group but I will sure find out about it.

Thank you very much for your help. I am enjoying it so far


Welcome Jesse. I just finished "God Is Not Great" last month. Best/funniest book I've read in a long time. He was a great writer.

It's not easy being right.

Don't I know.

There is a growing group of young humanists-atheists in Ghana, mostly in Accra but also in Takoradi, Kumasi and Tamale. We organised a West African Humanist conference in 2012, are on Garden City radio every Monday night in Kumasi, have a blog (http://ghanahumanists.wordpress.com), run Freethought Ghana on Facebook, and have recently been getting articles on GhanaWeb, Modern Ghana and The Insight Newspaper. Please contact me and I'll get you hooked up with the group.

Regarding the scamming issue the top country for internet scams is the USA with Nigeria and Ghana far down the list!

You are accepted :)

Understand that on Think Atheist, you can talk about anything and you will never be judged.  I hope you can find atheists where you live too, sounds like a pretty religious area you live in.  

Hi, Jesse,

it's scary, I know.

What you are facing is a life in which you have to make up things for yourself instead of relying on someone else's opinion of who you are and what you should do

Listening to James Taylor's live version of Steam Roller blues

Welcome to TA! It's always good to see a new face!


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