Hi everyone, my name is Selasi and I just joined this community. I am a Ghanaian from West Africa which is almost 99% religious. I am a newly "converted" atheist almost a year now. Its been pretty difficult for me as I envisaged. I feel rejected anytime I share my newly found "faith" to my friends. my parents don't know as of now because I fear the consequences. I can hardly find my bearing since I am alone because its either there are no atheist in Ghana or I haven't yet found them. I mostly depend on twitter and other social media for information regarding atheism. I have started reading "god is not Great" by Christopher Hitchens which is a very great book and l look forward to reading more from him. I joined this group upon recommendation by one of the people I am following on twitter and I wish I could get all the help I need on here, maybe Atheism 101. Its a pleasure to meet you guys and I look forward to gaining knowledge here. Thank you for accepting me in advance. Adios

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Welcome Jesse,

I do find it interesting that Ghana, being so religious is also famous for internet scam gangs. Africans have a valid claim about being exploited by Europeans and Americans, but yeah....they were religious too....


Ironic isn't it? I guess it goes a long way to prove that morality is devoid of religion.

Or vice versa.

Really the two have no connection, there are moral and amoral theists and atheists.

The  religious are always insisting they teach morality. We need a guy in the sky to be decent people. It's a majority view...

Any morality that is based on Law isn't worth a damn.  The morality of people surrounding you doesn't mean shit.  As an Atheist, my personal ethics replace any need for an outside morality.  It's funny how Christians and the Religious insist the Bible is the source of morality.  It isn't.

The social morality...that is to say, what people actually do...is more 'moral' than religious morality.

In the US our social morality...which is really the only kind their is...has freed the slaves...in spite of the fact that the Bible they say is their source of morality accepts slavery..."If you beat your slave and he doesn't die rather is able to return to work after three days then you haven't done anything wrong" in the Hebrew Scriptures and "Whatever position you were in when you joined the church you should remain it" Christian morality ala Paul...teaching slaves should stay slaves and women should stay with abusive husbands.

The Social Morality has extended the rights of the Gay/Lesbian community while Religious Morality insists it's OK for Christians to treat Gays as evil, second class citizens who do not share in the Freedom of the rest of the people in the US.

Religious morality justifies war and supports the state no matter what the consequences. Social Morality...based on empathy...sees each enemy soldier as a living human being.  And that makes it impossible to justify any war...don't get me started on the Nazis, by the way.  World War II is only considered a "Good War" by people who've never read much on the buildup and the actually motivations and the universal Eugenics that affected every nation...the US as well as Germany.

But I digress...

The social morality in the US is more moral than Christian morality because social morality is based solely on empathy.  In other words, you have to first accept the other person as an individual and not just a 'sinner damned to hell.'

Morality based on empathy works.  Morality based on law leads to a spiral of abuse culminating in condemnation of gays, blacks and any other religions or ethnic groups.

When people condemn you as a sinner bound for hell for rejection Morality based on either Religious or Governmental Law they are cowards.  It is easy to go with the majority even though the majority is always wrong.

I repeat.

The Majority is always wrong.

Only Personal Ethics matter, ethics coming from yourself, Morality is at best a myth and at worst a crushing monster destroying the minds of men.

People believe in Morality not because they want to control their own impulses but rather because they want to condemn others.  

Morality is judging others without Empathy.

Evil is Morality Without Empathy.

For more on the origins of morality and moral behavior in the workings or failings of the 'empathy circuit' in all of us read Simon Baron Cohen's 

The Science of Evil: On Empathy and the Origins of Cruelty

 At http://www.amazon.com/The-Science-Evil-Empathy-Origins/dp/046503142...

FYI, Simon Baron Cohen is the brother of Sacha Baron Cohen the over the top satirist who brought us Borat.


I need to read this book, looks like it contains much more . Thank you. i am finding my way around here 

Thanks.  I always try to throw in a book suggestion when I write as backup so others will know I'm not just shooting from the lip.

Even if you were it would still be valuable input!

"Morality based on law leads to a spiral of abuse culminating in condemnation of gays, blacks and any other religions or ethnic groups."

Not necessarily. The 3 tiered platform of American government allows and calls for the Courts to address and resolve issues such as discrimination. If laws are created that support discrimination they can and will be challenged. There is also the tool of constitutional amendment, such as the Civil Rights Act. In any civilized society there will always remain a necessity for laws that ensure we remain as morally & ethically balanced as possible. It [the Law] can still be an ass, unfortunately. The system is not perfect. 

Who said that without a court a democracy is 2 wolves and a rabbit voting on what to eat for lunch? Or something like that.

Welcome to ThinkAtheist! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Welcome to Think Atheist!

It sounds like you definitely have an uphill battle, making anything in the United States seem tame by comparison.

Out of curiosity, is the predominant religion there some form of Christianity, or Islam, or ...?


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