Hi, I am a 64 yr old woman who is finally free of religious skeletons. I can now without guilt call myself an Atheist.  Because of my "Christian" upbringing ,my thoughts, ideas, opinions became molded for me but not by me, as a result i have never been able to express myself very well . I now hold my own opinions which i would like to articulate on this site but so far feel intimidated with the writings, they all sound so intelligent and im impressed by the way opinions are expressed . The other day a blog on here was a guy expressing his disgust on how stupid some people are when it comes to writing their opinions without proper punctuation ,spelling etc, well i am one of those people, I feel very intelligent inside but cannot express myself well. I guess the point im trying to make is that i found this site interesting but feel very intimated to speak my mind.  For now i will just sit back and enjoy the reading.

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Sometimes you walk in and speak eloquently, charming the pants off of everyone. Sometimes you kick the door open and say "sup. what're you guys doin in here? talkin bout Neetch?"

Question I would like to ask - I have a vague recollection about JW's and their education policy. Do JW's not like Further Education, or kids going to Uni or College, for males and females.

I've only had in depth JW conversation with one JW (female) and found that they weren't nearly as fundamentalist (or nuts) as my Pentecostal family.  Post secondary education didn't seem to be an issue at all in her family, as far as their religion was concerned.

From what little I know of JWism, it seemed to hang together more logically than regular Xianity (with one exception). The alleged loving god, for instance, doesn't fry people in hell for eternity.  But of course I'll defer to any ex JWs who might be here!

The exception of course is the end times bullshit and their repeated failed predictions as to when it would be.

I did a bit of research and found one web site from 2005 - 


saying they didn't, they should give their life to the lord etc. taken from Watchtower, and another from 2011 said it was a good thing.


I think they may have been afraid of the lovely xian children having sex, drinking drugging etc, and even, Mithra forbid, Atheists.

Just going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car." G.K. Chesterton.

I must add that, everything else in the garage is also included!

Several years ago, I was invited to the Buddist gathering in Portland. I was all nieve, expecting that there would be a lot of selfless meditation and insight, WRONG! This was a meeting of a group that called itself Buddist, but used meditation to bring money, power, women, cars, stuff, into thier lives. They even had a little chant, sadly I can't remember how it goes. Members said that the chant works. I quess all that work and stuff that I indulged in was a waste of time? Insight is such a begger in hindsight! 

Don't feel intimidated. People who complain about grammar all the time, grammar nazis, more often then not miss the content of the posts because they are trying to make themselves feel superior by pointing out the flaws of others.

I think it is awesome that you have freed yourself from the chains of religion. I am glad you are here. Please speak your mind and post often. If you feel you have trouble expressing yourself then the only way to change that is by expressing yourself. We all would love to hear how your new life coming out as an atheist is going. So please don't hesitate to start a thread, even if it is only a short one.

Hmm. It seems to me you're not dealing with people whose writing standards are unattainable but rather a case of low self-esteem.

Unless someone else wrote this piece for you, I find your writing ability above average. 

Wow, if I were her, I would print that out, have it framed and hang it in a prominent place as a legacy to be handed down through the generations!


No pain - that was my imitation of "Tim the Toolman's" questioning grunt, which translates to "Different Strokes'" "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?!"

And me, of my neighbor's weird uncle, who spent most of his life in a straight jacket.


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