Hi, I am a 64 yr old woman who is finally free of religious skeletons. I can now without guilt call myself an Atheist.  Because of my "Christian" upbringing ,my thoughts, ideas, opinions became molded for me but not by me, as a result i have never been able to express myself very well . I now hold my own opinions which i would like to articulate on this site but so far feel intimidated with the writings, they all sound so intelligent and im impressed by the way opinions are expressed . The other day a blog on here was a guy expressing his disgust on how stupid some people are when it comes to writing their opinions without proper punctuation ,spelling etc, well i am one of those people, I feel very intelligent inside but cannot express myself well. I guess the point im trying to make is that i found this site interesting but feel very intimated to speak my mind.  For now i will just sit back and enjoy the reading.

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Yes, I really talk like that.  But to get it dead on, you have to do it in an English accent :)

Just watch out for the spell checkers marked "UK."  They misspell all kinds of stuff.  For example, they toss in all sorts of extra 'u's, change 'z' to 's' on occasion, and try to make you end certain words in 're' instead of 'er.' Most crazily they spell 'jail' as 'gaol.' 

Must be a manufacturing defect or something.

Seriously, I could never sit down and play scrabble with either of you - just saying...

What would I do without a spell checker, especially when these Yanks come along and question English spelling - loads of spelling differences - I use the English spelling, as it actually came first, and the Americans decided it was too hard, so lets drop out some letters. Kids in Australia have been bought up with American spelling and pronunciation, and I fear it is a losing battle, with American spelling being so prolific.

But then again, Australians drop the last letter of most words - not a good look, or sound for that matter.

With jail or gaol - both are right, apparently, I luv my dictionary.

My kids were speaking American from a very early age, as they watched Sesame Street - Zebra or Zeebra, mmm :) and when dropping out letters, my kids, it was like a duck to water - much easier. Language changes constantly - new words and new spelling all the time. She'll be apples, mate.

Well this is cool! I'm responding to you on my Blackberry from a conference in NJ! Quite the traveler. Look forward to touching base when I get home tomorrow night. Have a great day.

As long as your thoughts and comments aren't about how great religion is, we pretty much can't think of you as stupid. 

While I am of the opinion that we should all try to write as well as we can, and that some posters here do not try as hard as they could and should, I also believe that our inability to write as well as we might like should not inhibit us from posting.  So post at your pleasure.

Welcome to the site Peggy.  :)

You know, the thread you are thinking of was about truly egregious goofs like Hippocrates (an ancient Greek who studied medicine) for hypocrites (people who say one thing and do another), or writing that is so bad it's hard to read.  Of course when "grammar nazism" becomes the topic we start picking on each others' mistakes a lot, in large part because some people who are overly sensitive on the issue in either direction start to take their jabs at the other.

Given what you've shown us, I don't think you have to worry about the gripe in that post applying to you.

Oh believe me when someone is spending a lot of time scolding me for ignorance or some mental inadequacy, but their sentences won't even parse, or it's obvious they don't know how to form a plural, or even care, I will bludgeon them for it.  (I have in mind someone who used to be here, who would write rambling posts titled things like "Why are atheist so racist?" When called on his consistent failure to form plurals, he tried to claim typing was physically painful due to a disability--yet such pain didn't keep him from typing endless rambling screeds about how we were all racist and didn't even know it.)

I listened to a podcast a while ago that was a sort of "send me your questions and I will answer them" format.  The lady running it got one about what to do if your professor was an "intellectual inferior."  She read the question on the air _precisely_ as written and it became obvious by the end of the first sentence who the inferior was.  Yes she reamed the questioner, hard, and deservedly so.  It's really bad form to call someone your intellectual inferior while simultaneously showing that you cannot express your own thoughts with any sort of coherency..

In other words while I am not a "grammar Nazi" my patience can be tried when I see truly awful writing, willful ignorance and reverse grammar snobbery from people determined to make a virtue out of ignorance.

Now someone reading this might wonder about the case of a foreign student of English.  Well what I have said up to now applies to native English speakers.  I have found that people learning the language generally appreciate a polite correction, that's how one learns a language.  The problem is, there's no way to do so privately here without first friending them, which takes time.  So the correction would have to be public or old news by the time they read it.  And I (and others) might not go public because 1) doing so can derail a thread because 2) someone will come along and accuse me of being a "grammar Nazi"

Don'y let the grammar nazis get in your way.

Very well said Kris!


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