Hi, I am a 64 yr old woman who is finally free of religious skeletons. I can now without guilt call myself an Atheist.  Because of my "Christian" upbringing ,my thoughts, ideas, opinions became molded for me but not by me, as a result i have never been able to express myself very well . I now hold my own opinions which i would like to articulate on this site but so far feel intimidated with the writings, they all sound so intelligent and im impressed by the way opinions are expressed . The other day a blog on here was a guy expressing his disgust on how stupid some people are when it comes to writing their opinions without proper punctuation ,spelling etc, well i am one of those people, I feel very intelligent inside but cannot express myself well. I guess the point im trying to make is that i found this site interesting but feel very intimated to speak my mind.  For now i will just sit back and enjoy the reading.

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@Archy Are you delusional? Ah, so you are the one who has been using my stash - and I have been blaming my lovely White Unicorn? I just have to go and apologise.

Well, if you would prefer to be, "doomed," far be it from me to stand in your way if that's your heart's desire. I would, however, prefer to talk you out of it --

English isn't my mother language and my writings have enormous amount of fatal spelling and grammar mistakes .. however people here are nice enough skip them as long as they get the point of what i want to say.

language is a way for us to communicate .. as long your writing is comprehend-able it's fine by me :D:D

u may feel intimidated to express your ideas .. i think you are just shy as you are new in here just like the first day in high school .

watch and read and feel free to participate any time you want .. just be yourself

OMG please don't mention "Highschool", school was the worst part of my life!

Mine too, Peggy, mine too.  For decades I used to have a recurring nightmare that I was back there, forced to waste yet another chunk of my life in mundane mediocrity.  Parents used to tell me (Mother in particular) that I would look back on those days as the best days of my life.

I.... don't.... think... so... ( said in low snarly-type voice).

All hail, the internet for providing meaningful education!

Lady La Strega - actually, it can be said that education is a sum total of ALL of your experiences, good and bad.


Wouldn't that require that I first be lucid? How much time do you have?

You were saying that you had had some negative experiences in school - I maintain that your education consists of your negative experiences, as well as your positive ones. We also learn from the negative things that happen to us.

Ever burn your hand on a hot stove? Ever touch a hot stove again? Ya learned something --!

Words are but the means to meaning, let your thoughts and ideas be heard! Do not let yourself be intimidated by those who seem more eloquent in their writings, in the end it 's what you say that matters, how you say it is of lesser importance.

Intelligence, eloquence and grammar are not signs of being a good moral human being, and that is what is the most important of all.

   Some of the most beautiful poetry is written by people who simply saw something, and wrote down exactly what they felt. They had no restrictions of rules, or even of punctuation. They simply wrote what they thought, and their thoughts were beautiful.

  The same could be said for paiting. Some of the most wonderful paintings are done simply. They don't have to be immense works of masterful art to be beautiful, and thus worth viewing.

  Your posts, and the opinions reflected therein, are important to you, and this site, and the world as a whole simply because they exist. Whether you can package them in wonderful, eloquent prose, or whether you put prepositions at the ends of your sentences is not actually all that important. What is important is that you speak your opinion as loudly and as forcefully as you wish to do so. If you write it, we will listen.

  Don't let your lack of prose keep you from expressing your thoughts. Religion uses so many tools to suppress thoughts and opinions. Why, I beg you, would you let your opinions and thoughts be repressed now that you are free of the shackles of mythology and superstition? Let nothing hold you back. Not inability, or lack of articulation. Use what tools you have at your disposal, and let no one ask more of you than that.


I am intelligent, college educated, and can write well, and I am still intimidated by the intellect and expressive abilities of some people here.  It has stopped me from contributing to some discussions, but has not really hindered me in any big way. I find that here, as in life in general, it helps to know my strengths and weaknesses.  I am not going to be able to participate in any meaningful way to detailed discourses about a lot of topics, but my opinions and thoughts about what I do know are as valid as anybody else's.

People here are at various stages of development as individuals, atheists, and communicators. I find that as I continue to participate in this kind of writing, I grow in all three areas.  What started out in 2006 as amusing entertainment on the Flying Spaghetti Monster site has led to hours and hours of discussion and contemplation of where I stand, and the improvement, I hope, of my ability to express myself.  I am glad you communicated what you did, and I hope you continue.  Good things may come of it!  Welcome!

Oh come on, Blaine!  Just because some of us go into strange paroxysms of delight over the sweetness of correct conjunctions and adept grammatical acrobatics doesn't mean we don't care about all the posts - its kind of like weird folk going into a frenzy over the nature and quality of the frame around a painting - the beauty of the actual artwork is not in question... we just gloat about the crenulation of the framework because we can!

If anyone is daunted by this pedanticism, all I can say is that nothing good is achieved through fear.  Go on, give it a go - what's the worst that can happen, that isn't instantly resolvable by clicking the little red X in the top right hand corner?

I don't wanna go to hell!


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