That was the title of the article wriitten by Marwa Rakha in this month's edition of the egyptian "Identity" magazine.

By Marwa Rakha

Yes! You read the headline correctly! I – Marwa Rakha – am against Islam! I am against a religion that is used to allow the abuse of the human being in the name of God!

Marrying off girls at the age of 9 or 12 or 14 or 16 is abuse! This is pedophilia in its clearest form!

Marrying off young virgins to rich old men is abuse! Selling a human being is the textbook definition of slavery!

Cutting off parts of the sacred intact human body is abuse! Circumcision is mutilation! Circumcision is assault!

The representatives of Islam on earth promote the following insults as orders from God: Objectifying women! Defacing women! Insulting women! Beating up women! Sexually harassing women!

Islam is translated into a religion that prohibits freedom of speech, freedom of belief, and freedom of expression! People are standing before the court of law and are being tried for blasphemy! Is that the 21st century or the dark Middle Ages?

The God of Islam is portrayed as a God that needs mediators, translators, and a ruthless army of defenders!

The spokesmen of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, and hypnotised masses of blind followers are the true anti-Islam movie that is being aired live for the whole world to watch and judge! With their frowning faces and aggressive pitches, those preachers blatantly make enemies of women, children, other religions, and minorities.

Am I making this up?! No!

What do you call punishing people who chose not to fast in Ramadan?

What do you call limiting the construction of different worship places – other than mosques?

What do you call trying Kareem Amer in 2006 and trying Albert Saber in 2012 for denouncing Islam? What did Bishoy Kamel do to deserve being sentenced to 6 years in jail? What do you call evacuating people out of their homes by force? What do you call burning their houses and robbing them of their properties?

What do you call burning the Bible in front of the American Embassy and enticing against Christians on television?

What do you call attacking foreign embassies and their employees?

What do you call blaming sexual harassment on the victim? It is always about what a woman is or is not wearing!

What do you call hate speech against Jews and Christians?

What do you call actual mockery of Hindus and their beliefs?

What do you call hostility against Bahaais?

What do you call endless futile debates regarding female genital mutilation?

What do you call relentless efforts to convince women that they are sinful; that they are properties of their fathers and husbands?

What do you call clear instructions of beating up children and wives?

Who would be proud of belonging to such a group of perverts?!

How would a true Muslim react to the offensive movie?

He would simply continue living his day to day life representing his religion! This is the best defense!

YOU are Islam! YOUR ACTIONS are Islam! YOUR WORDS are Islam!

If you lack manners, then people will portray Muslims as a savage crowd!

If you lack common sense, Islam will be portrayed as the religion of an emotional neurotic bunch!

If you defend the abuse of women and children, Islam will be portrayed as a violent, abusive, perverted religion!

If you call Jews and Christians monkeys and pigs, do not expect respect in return!

If you appoint yourself as the sole self-righteous guardian of religions, expect opposition and rebellion in return!

Before accusing anyone of being anti Islam think again! Who is truly anti Islam?

Forcing your beliefs on anyone will not do God any favours!

Dear angry Muslims, please take a moment to examine your own actions and see how you have contributed to the script of “The Innocence of Muslims” movie.


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Speaking us a former muslim (but my family still think i'm a muslim) I had a lot of struggles with my religion. It is true that all of Islam practices seems non-sense to me. Full of Irrational. They value practices more than people. I'm glad i'm not living in middle east where Islam is being practice extremely but still i got those bullshits from my family. So many to mentions all of my self-struggle against this religion. I like this rant! makes me feel ashamed to belong with this group of muslims. 

living with a family of theists is the worst thing that could happen to any one ... with all the questions and discussions even sometimes quarrels .. it's a conflict that no one should ever experience .. i salut u

WOW! That is a powerful piece, and it certainly took courage to write it. What could happen to him for writing it?

Exactly what I was thinking/wondering.

up till now nothing happened .. seems like Islamists don't read English very well .. lucky for her of course :))

The author was FEMALE?!! Isn't that likely to make it even worse for her?

Has anyone read this?

Taliban shoot 14-year-old Pakistani peace campaigner

I just thought everyone might like to be kept up to date:

Doctors Say Shot Pakistani Girl Improving

By ROBERT BARR Associated Press
LONDON October 19, 2012 (AP)

Doctors treating 15-year-old Pakistani shooting victim Malala Yousufzai said Friday that she is able to stand with help and to write, though she still shows signs of infection.

Malala is "well enough that she's agreed that she's happy, in fact keen, for us to share more clinical detail," said Dr. Dave Rosser, medical director at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham,

"She is also keen that I thank people for their support and their interest because she is obviously aware of the amount of interest and support this has generated around the world."

The infection is probably related to the track of a bullet that grazed her head when she was attacked by Taliban gunmen, he said.

"She is not out of the woods yet," Rosser said. "Having said that, she's doing very well. In fact, she was standing with some help for the first time this morning when I went in to see her."

She is in Britain alone. Hospital officials have been in touch with her family in Pakistan.

Rosser said the girl "is communicating very freely, she is writing" but not speaking because she has a tracheotomy tube in her throat.

"We have no reason to believe that she would not be able to talk once this tube is out, maybe in the next few days," Rosser said.

Scans have revealed some physical damage to her brain, but "at this stage we're not seeing any deficit in terms of function," Rosser said. "She seems able to understand. She's got motor control, she's able to write.

"Whether there's any subtle intellectual or memory deficits down the line is too early to say," he added. "It is possible she will make a smooth recovery, but it is impossible to tell I'm afraid."

Officials in the Swat Valley originally said Malala was 14 years old but officials at her school confirmed that her birthday was July 12, 1997, making her 15.


How can even the Taliban say, "This is not the will of Allah"?

they are now going after the "filthy godless" journalists who covered the story .. this will go on and on.

Tell me if it's just me and my inability to understand because I've never been Muslim, but doesn't it make sense - assuming you are Muslim and a devout believer in Allah - that if you shoot someone in the head, and they not only don't die, they get better very quickly, that it was the will of Allah?

And if you believe it was the will of Allah that protected her, wouldn't that give you reason to believe that this is Allah's way of telling you you had done wrong, and to stop what you're doing? Or am I making too much sense?

BTW - the URL you sent us for the prison, won't pull anything up - do we have it wrong?

you know what makes more sense .. "she didn't die because she was forgiven for the sins she made and she was given another chance for she is still young, however if she repeated the same actions again, Allah won't forgive her this time"

Taliban Logic .. :)))

the link works fine btw

She's getting better every day --


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