But I want to know more about atheism. What do YOU believe?

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I think she's gone, so I'm not sure who we're addressing, but, RE: "many of Paul's letters are believed to not actually have been written by Paul" - Paul, by virtue of some of his letters, appears to have been a misogynist, where in fact, Paul actually approved the idea of women becoming Bishops - the letters that indicated women should sit down and shut up, were, according to Bart Ehrman (Forged), forgeries, in Paul's name.


That lets Paul off the hook for misogyny (and also, he didn't write Hebrews--no author is identified but for some reason a lot of people attribute it to him--so he's off the hook for rampant antisemitism too).  But it doesn't let the church off the hook, since they decided to include the offending works in the bible.

AND for allowing them to be attributed to Paul. But then, any who feel the "Church" guiltless, knows little about the history of the Bible.


Well said Josh. Those are some of the things I have been sorting out. What are my views as an atheist or the term I like, non-theist? Has my world view changed? I think so, it has evolved over time just as my lose of faith did over time.

Atheism isn't about what you believe. It's about what you don't. Atheism is at its core not believing in any gods, regardless of who they may be. Zeus? Nope. Thor? Nope. Isis? Nope. The Abrahamic God? Nope. 

I've deleted the video - though it begins on an interesting premise, and seems to be moving toward a reasonable conclusion, it abruptly freezes at minute 23:38, and nothing I do seems to have any effect on starting it again. Sorry --

Suddenly, it's working again - if for any reason it freezes on you, just refresh the page and it will begin where it left off.

Worked just fine.. And you're right. He does make some interesting points. 

It could be my browser is just too full of crap, I had to refresh several times. As to the content, I would need to research Clement and Barnabas a bit more before I can concur.

I DID like his startling revelation about Pope Leo, however:

"How well we know what a profitable superstition
this fable of Christ has been for us and our predecessors."
-- Pope Leo X 1514 --
1475 -1521

You can bet I'll use THAT again!

If you use IE, that could be your problem. I use Chrome. I find it more stable than say Safari. Though I did like how Safari is set up. 

That is a money quote for sure. 

I have Safari, but most usually, I use Firefox - haven't used IE in years! Is Netscape Navigator still in business? I have an old copy tucked away somewhere, but I doubt it's any longer supported, I should probably find and toss it, and clear up some space.

I think the real problem may be, that working, as I do on my website, I keep SO many tabs open at all times, so that I can find reference material when I need it, that it loads down the app, it also fills up my cache very quickly.

I use Chrome, but IE is much improved. 


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