But I want to know more about atheism. What do YOU believe?

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I believe that for which there is evidence <- short answer.

I suppose, however, that you wonder things like what we will believe happens after we die.  I'm pretty sure you can figure that out if you think about the fact that we don't believe in gods or spirits and the like.

Do you have any more specific questions?

The more important question is, what don't we believe. That's all there is to atheism. We know there is no evidence for any kind of gods, just as there is no evidence for santa or a flying unicorn, hence we don't believe in them.

What do you want to know ?

What is your stance on the Bible? And what about Jesus himself?

The bible is a collection of books written by various authors.  It's pretty hard to have a single, equal stance on all of the books.  I suppose you might be most interested in what I think of the 4 gospels.  From what we know, they were written a good 40 years after the claimed date of the crucifixion of Jesus.  It seems no one bothered to write much about him before then - being that it was believed he was coming right back.

As far as Jesus, well I personally feel there is good reason to think that he existed.  Not much that is written about him is very consistent with the time/culture in which he lived.  The claimed miracles sound rather ridiculous - everything from raising the dead to catering large parties with next to nothing on hand.  I think that, if he did exist, he sure stirred up some trouble for himself.

Reading and studying the Bible and religious beliefs is what helped me become an atheist.
Do atheists have any central or core values they live by?

Atheism is nothing more than a lack of belief in deities.  There are no central or core values imposed or implied.  In general, Atheists get their values from various sources.  Many choose Humanism, others like a rational approach to morality, some cite empathy, and others simply say they are civilized because they grew up in a civilized world - that 'values' are just passed down naturally from generation to generation.

Yea we have the opposite values of religion. That means atheists value life, integrity, truth, science, and peace.

I found the bible interesting from a cultural Anthropology view, How they have the same culture , laws,ect as some of the African cultures we have in Africa, how the African culture developed these without the influences of Christianity. I find it interesting how most of the laws given to the people in the bible are the same as the older laws of Hammurabi, interesting how the same cleansing rituals apply, Interesting that the christian faith have so much in common with older mythology figures, that it is not the only mythology that has virgin births, flood story ect. Interesting how they put their own culture and religion together through cultural diffusion.

Jorita - does this sound familiar?

"When the white missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land."

-- Desmond Tutu --

Mercedes, there is a reason that there is no biblical commandment against slavery. Monotheists such as Christians are in a sense slaves, forced to love a "father" they fear. How could real love ever be forced?


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