Hypothetical Question - What would society be like if there were no consequences?

What kind of a society (sans a god) do you think we would have if everyone believed they were born bad,couldn't help but to do bad--but that it didn't matter because they would never get thrown in jail.

In my opinion--it would be and IS chaos, but it IS chaos due to the influence of Christianity which holds to the above meta theory.  (sin, repent, sin, repent--repeat when necessary without consequence)

So what is your view of a society that could do whatever they wanted to without consequences.

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Can you tell me what is the average Brit's conception of human nature? 

I don't know but Man United surely figures prominently.  

@Gallup's Mirror

Are you crazy?  It has to be Arsenal.  *shaking my head* How can you be right on so many, many things, and then let this blunder into your head?

Don't know much about British football, but I'm gonna form a punk band called "stink bomb"

I once wrote a song called "piss in the sink".

I once lived in bedsit land in Chelsea, where that was the norm, and only wusses or girls actually walked up half a flight of stairs to the toilet.

I think they should have washed the dishes first, myself - but then I'm a wuss and a girl.

Are you crazy?  It has to be Arsenal.  *shaking my head* 

Thus the Brit's passion for soccer defines her conception of human nature. Your Honor, the prosecution rests. 

How can you be right on so many, many things, and then let this blunder into your head?

Okay, I'll tell you. NFL football is human nature. Soccer is a girly slap fight. Brits only think it's human nature. 

cant be..you're not allowed to you use hands!

Isn't NFL where they bandage and pad themselves so they don't break a nail whilst the game is on for 15 seconds before they get a break to recuperate?

RE: "I also believe she was abused." - having watched a number of her interviews, I was left with the same thought.

I like seeing like minded people trying to figure out what the Judea / Christian psychosis is all about! What makes a bunch of people believe in the same thing, well not exactly the same thing. It's all based on the whole Bible, well not the whole Bible by some people(s). Some people believe there is another testament to Jesus Christ too.

You mean like the Mormon testament? --lol.  Joseph Smith was one of the very best con men around-- past or present.  I believe he took lessons from Paul. 

Speaking of Mormonism, you might have an interest in the following - actually, one of our TA members is the distant ancestor of one of the perpetrators of The Mountain Meadows Massacre:




"Insanity is believing your hallucinations are real. Religion is believing that other peoples' hallucinations are real."

-- Dan Barker --



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