Hypothetical Question - What would society be like if there were no consequences?

What kind of a society (sans a god) do you think we would have if everyone believed they were born bad,couldn't help but to do bad--but that it didn't matter because they would never get thrown in jail.

In my opinion--it would be and IS chaos, but it IS chaos due to the influence of Christianity which holds to the above meta theory.  (sin, repent, sin, repent--repeat when necessary without consequence)

So what is your view of a society that could do whatever they wanted to without consequences.

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Hi Cathy

What a weird post!  Being thrown in gaol is not the "consequence" that prevents me from doing wrong.  In wrongdoing, there is a victim.  Sometimes the victim is far enough removed that it is difficult to see immediately, and sometimes there are hundreds or thousdands of victims, up to and including the whole of mankind.  Truly victimless crimes aren't really wrongdoing, they are more about etiquette.

I think you need to separate in your mind the concept of a crime and wrongdoing.

If I kill someone, I have committed wrongdoing.  There is a victim who has lost their life, and the family and friends are victims, because they have lost their loved one.  If there was no criminal code to call this a crime, it would still be wrong to do.

There is a common misguided idea amongst some religious people that atheists must be callous and have no morals, but that is simply rubbish.  Normal atheists are as law abiding and good as any christian.  Atheists can't have their wrongdoings absolved either, so I have often found them better people in themselves.  They know why things are wrong without having to be told things are wrong because some supernatural alien being told some semi-mythical forefather it was wrong.


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