It turns out that most, if not all of the Rockettes will be refusing to perform at the inauguration in order to express their disdain for a man who boastfully objectifies and demeans women while bragging that he is entitled to grab their p_____s at his whim.   Meanwhile, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (minus one who courageously resigned) deems it an honor to entertain President P____grabber, who has rarely ever entered a church of any kind.    Question: is a group of scantily-clad dancers more morally centered than the sanctimonious Church of Latter Day Saints?  The answer is a resounding “YES!”  Mormons won’t abide homosexuals (and barely tolerate blacks) in their midst, but evidently have no problems with men who sexually assault defenselss women. There’s a word for that: “HYPOCRISY!”

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81% of Evangelicals whose moral standards are derived from their faith voted for Trump. I had thought his comments on the bus would have disgusted them but no, they were able to do enough mental gymnastics not to care. The Mormons will do the gig because of the publicity. Their religion is sexist to begin with so it is not surprising that their standards are so low. What excellent role models they will make for the next generation!

Yeah...but God is just a concept.

It seems that some Mormons disagree with the planned performance by the Tabernacle choir and are petitioning to stop it.

I get the feeling that evangelicals regarded Trump as a loaded weapon in their war against secularism, abortion, homosexuals, and free floating anxiety about diverse foreign intrusions.  Weapons are amoral, and can be used by either side.  Trump promised, and appears to be delivering, victories against a liberal supreme court, resurgent battles against loathed homosexuals and murderous abortions, and a bulwark against foreign infections, Islam and those pesky, despite being Catholic, Mexicans.

It feels like they just got a new armory filled with weapons,  Of course they want to celebrate.

And he also promised to staunch the flow of blue collar jobs from going to aforesaid pesky Mexicans who happen to be in Mexico, so middle America sees hope for prosperity that they were not feeling before.  They are less interested in his sexual morality than in his promises for a chicken in every pot and a new car in every garage, so to speak.  Anyway, he got major hetero guy cred, in some circles, by grabbing kitty-cats and not penises.  

At the church where I grew up, card playing, drinking, cigarettes, drugs, and sexual philandering were all highly taboo, and between sunday school and church services men would stand outside on the sidewalk smoking, hung over, and talk about their drug days in Vietnam.  As well as most first child gestations after marriage seemed to be about 4 months.

I disagree, I don't think it is Hypocrisy. As far as my own observations go (although I admit these are limited) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has always been misogynistic.

Far from Hypocrisy, it seems it is in keeping with their particular brand of 'Christianity'.

Hmong opium farmers being rewarded with Wisconsin real estate isn't exactly the pornographic image sought when opposing the delirious copulations of church and state.  Capitaloislamochirstiana morphing, Canada now flaps its msm lips to welcome the other half of the pathology.

"Except that this crazy race reaches its limit with California on one side and Japan on the other. The second pathway for Capital has looped back on itself, the world has closed up and the system is saturated. Consequently, it is perhaps along the North-South axis that the fate of the third voice-pathway, of self-reference, will be played out. That is what I would like to call the barbarian compromise. The old walls of the limits of barbarianism have been irremediably disintegrated, deterritorialized. The last shepherds of monotheism have lost their sheep, because the new subjectivity is no longer the sort that can be gathered in a flock. And now it is Capital that is starting to shatter into animist and machinic polyvocality."

(Felix Guattari, 1989)

A current example of reactionary forces to this phenomenon (and its refugee flows) is the setting up of a Methodist mafia internet: 'virtual mosques.'

The history of the Mormon pathology includes their refugees at Clay County, Missouri. As Zizek has stated, the most important 9-11 was the coup of Allende, 11 Sept 1973, the day after Operation Unitas. Closeby, Gentry County, Missouri is the link to Soviet radio espionage via Agnes Smedley, who was a friend of Madame Sun Yat-sen. The first waterboarding in the Western Hemisphere occurred the following week of the Allende coup, at the concentration camp established on Quiriquina Island in Concepcion Bay.

'Nature is not opposed to invention, invention being part of Nature itself. Nature is opposed to myth.'
(Gilles Deleuze)


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