I have read this article published today in the Huffington Post, Secular Humanist Takes on New Atheism. The article plots those like Dawkins, Harris, Stenger, et al against Humanists, namely Paul Kurtz, who has recently published a Neo-Humanist Statement.

I am not so sure that I am comfortable with declarations and statements in an area that should be (to me) organic and emerging with dialog, cultural shifts, reason, discovery, etc. For example, with the increasing dialog and growing awareness of how children are indoctrinated into a specific religion without recourse or human rights to choose .... how does Kurtz'a statement make room to address these issues which many of us feel are wicked and paramount to some form of enslavement or abuse?

I think we can be good, loving, purposed people as Atheists or Humanists or Freethinkers, etc. But, I don't think that means that we can turn a blind eye to atrocities around us.

What do you think about this seemingly division? ... or is this division being orchestrated to create a division and by who really?

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Another columnist/blogger etc trying to plot Atheists against Humanists ... I guess this is the Christian fundamentalist response and strategy now ... to try to get secular people infighting and denouncing each group just as the Christians do. Only difference as far as I can see it there are only a handful of secular groups and thousands of fractured Christian groups all with incongruent beliefs and practices.

Why is crying out against pedophile priests "Catholic Bashing" at all? Pedophiles are pedophiles and should be dealt with accordingly. For some reason, we have turned a blind eye historically towards religious affairs letting them self-govern. What a huge mistake .... children are being indoctrinated without reasoned choice at a proper age and they are being sexually tortured in number to large to comprehend. This isn't about Humanist vs. Atheists ... it's about due process of law and examining religious structures to see if they faciliate child abuse or not.
The way I see it, and I could be wrong, there are people who are motivated for one reason or another to coddle specific delusions. Perhaps their spouse is a believer or some beloved family members, and these people take offense when someone like Dawkins or Hitchens publicly mocks these beliefs or calls them delusional. I think these Accommodationists get their hackles up a bit at this and grow tired of atheism's proliferation over the past 5 years. Or perhaps they think they have figured out the answer to being more persuasive to the religious camp, as if their "sit back and shut up" strategy has ever worked in the past few millennia.

If there is one thing they all seem to share, it is a certain cluelessness where they simply fail to grasp the messages from their less apologetic atheists. It is like they have a blind spot in their logic for this one subject.


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