At least 43 dead in multiple coordinated attacks. Pres. Hollande closes borders. No one in or out. (CNN report)

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The dead attackers were most likely "homegrown" terrorists. I always disliked that word homegrown. As if they are French. Legally they probably are but culturally, religiously and socially they are batshit Islamic. 

I heard that a passport found on one of the dead attackers was recently used by a refugee moving between Turkey and Greece. Just heard that SAID on the news - can't confirm.

Sorry, Unseen. Missed your Update below.

no but i want to bet heartily that muslim immigrants will turn to Isis and have some fun. Isis draws from muslims the world over so Europeans are facilitating terrorism.

Do you mean you bet they'll "turn to" (ask for help from ISIS) or "turn to" (become ISIS)?

become Isis

In all likelihood reactionary interests will be far greater after the Paris attacks. In turn a more hostile environment for muslim immigrants will follow. And a hostile environment will alienate the refugees so it seems plausible that the rate of recruitment will accelerate given the likely dynamics. And by accelerate I mean compared to recruitment within European community at large prior to Paris.

Europe needs to stop with refugee influx. They are giving these Syrians an easy way out. Those guys/girls need to stay and fight for their own country. By being able to just run to Europe, they are abandoning their own country. 

The problem is Muslim societies, (except for very few) haven't really matured into a free society, its still being ran by hard core Islamic laws and regulations. Therefore when you try to throw them into a free society, assimilation and change doesn't happen very quickly as it should happen. Thus leaving the West scratching their head and wondering why these people won't become part of their society and leaving the Muslims alienated because they don't understand why West is not being "accepting" of them.

Unfortunately in the middle of all these, its the Ex Muslim Atheists, Agnostics and Free thinkers who end up suffering the most.

Do you think we bare no responsibility for causing all the chaos and destruction which has overtaken the countries we illegally invaded? The reason we have got so many refugees is due to us ignoring international law and disposing of rulers we didn't like, creating a power vacuum that was filled by extremists and warlords. 

Take Libya for example, they used to have the highest living standards and social welfare in all of Africa, and now because of us it a hellhole that has been bombed back to the stone age and overrun by warlords. Can you blame people for not wanting to live there anymore?

Exactly. Instead of focusing on renewable energy..

it was the Libyan people themselves that rose against Gaddafi as a result of Arab Spring and he started killing his own people. The West which evidently led by France, didn't intervene till later on.

The West has its blame in the game too. However Muslims don't seem to be putting much effort into building a better and free society for them. Where are these extremists coming from? The general Muslim population. Hence why the Extremists can so easily overrun the rest of them. Running away won't solve their problems.

The post ww2 West vs East cold war games using Middle Easterners as pawns and the associated import of arms and control of oil exports really set the region up for future disaster. Throw in some Ill advised personal vendetta style invasions, religious tensions, and Israel and oh well.


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