This was posted on my page from a girl I went to high school with....She said. "I have struggled to understand this for a long time...A man rejects God neither because of intellectual demands nor because of the scarcity of evidence. A man rejects God because of a moral resistance that refuses to admit his need for God......Well said Ravi Zacharias..." How would YOU respond to this? Would you respond to this?

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RE: "God's love is a real thing." - question, how can a real thing come from an unreal thing? Quantum mechanics can explain something from nothing, what's your explanation for real from nonexistant?

Here's a plan, let's run over to sub-Saharan Africa, and tell starving little children all about your god's love for the vultures that will soon consume them! Are you packed yet?

RE: "They can't face the truth about themselves and have no integrity." - What truth is that, Paynton? Don't be so cryptic, please share your profound insight with us.

Shouldn't you run on over to Christian Mingle, and leave this site for atheists and liberal theists like Barry Adamson? I'm sure you'd be much more comfortable with others of your kind, whatever that is.

"how can a real thing come from an unreal thing?" - this is a good question. 

"What truth is that, Paynton?" - whatever the truth about themselves is, as the case may be. 

"Don't be so cryptic, please share your profound insight with us." - cryptic for now. 

Much ado about nothing.

Ruby Wax expresses it: 

"First thing on the road to wisdom is to face ourselves honestly.  People used to call it baring your soul, I call it looking in the mirror and cutting the bullshit." 

@Simon - Ruby Wax was talking about her depression, and is the poster girl, and wants more celebrities to come out of the closet, to show just how many people suffer with it. Winston Churchill, Stephen Fry, Richard Drayfuss, Jim Carrey, loads of very productive people. That is what she was talking about - honesty.

He's just being his usual snitty self, ignore him, and hopefully he willl go away.

Suzanne - I love Ruby Wax.  She seems to have reinvented herself as a mindfulness-based cognitive therapist - have you seen her new book?  It's very chatty, but has a lot of good insights.  This quote is taken from a section headed "The Road to Wisdom". 

She says that practicing compassion gives us pleasure because it raises the levels of oxytocin - and that's what I was looking for. 

I would tell her" " I'll pray for you "
turn around, and walk away.


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