The question is simple. How would you re brand the "Out Campaign"? Consider yourself in a unique position in that your ideas may change the lives of millions :]

For me when I visit this site. It is not very personable. No true pictures of people, and the pictures of people their faces are cut off :[

I do like the simple message come, reach, speak, keep, stand OUT. But I know we can do way better then a simple scarlet letter. :) Any designs or ideas can be directed at me :) OR in this post.

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REMEMBER: I don't bite! I am no different then you! If you have a burning idea do NOT be intimidated to post or contact me :)



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I like what Margaret Downey says about atheism: "We atheists simply add one more 'o' to our belief system — we believe in good."

I like the emphasis on positive aspects of atheism, like charity, intelligence, individuality, etc.

And I'd also like to see pictures of real people - doctors, scientists, teachers, nurses, writers, students, everyone - because simply being human (and humane) is what it's all about.

Hmm, I think the "OUT" could be easily confused with the LGBT movement, but I don't have any suggestions for an alternative slogan or symbol. =P Except I do like the atomic logo.
great idea Pam I like that We believe in good. Perfect. Thanks for the input guys! keep it coming!
I'm with Thumper on this one. The scarlet letter doesn't really work. Even as an ironic icon, it implies that we are branded and thus, persecuted. Even if that's the case, I really don't know of any Atheists that would sport a symbol that basically begs for sympathy. If I was looking to be accepted and had a martyr complex, I'd just wear a cross.

It should show thinkers helping others "out" of shadows, out of servitude and ignorance.
Maybe play around with the concept of the O as a symbol of repetition or enslavement and some typographical treatment to imply a way out of it.
While I understand the idea behind the red A, I don't like it. I feel like if we wore shirts or something with "scarlet letters" on them, people would think it was some statement of being proud of being loose. Maybe I'm way off, but given a) the connotation of the original letter and b) the fact that there are girls who walk around wearing shirts that say things like "my boyfriend is out of town," I feel that people might jump to the wrong conclusions.

I do like the idea of a symbol that will be immediately recognizable, though. A guy at my school did an art project that was posted in the Union and he had the Out A on it, and right away I knew. I like that. I'll also like Ric's idea of focusing on the Out part and using an O instead.

@Pam. Believe in Good! Omg that is great!!! I never realized that before.
You know what it should be called?


But seriously, I think the "Out Campaign" is not the best choice of words. Something that sounds intellectual, but maybe not elitist. And it should be positive, because we don't need to be seen in any more of a negative light.

The scarlet letter is also a little strange. I don't think it's the right icon for us, considering its original meaning. I understand their reason for using it, but I think there's something better we can think of.

I know I'll be brainstorming.
I was playin around with Pam's and Ric's comments about an O. But for me, the O struck me first as like...a sun or a light; a beacon of freethought and rationality. I like the idea of our symbol being an O, then putting it in the slogan "I believe in Good" with one of the o's being our symbol.
Yeah, we can use this:

It has a sun, a beacon, and colours!!!
Although, it was very popular. lol
I recently saw a vid of Richard Dawkins speaking at TED and he had a good idea. Instead of calling ourselves Atheist we could use Antitheist. The point being that there comes alot of negative thoughts when the certain people hear the word atheist. I'm not afraid to proclaim myself atheist its just that I think we should be a little clever when it comes to the labeling due to all the heat the religious community is putting on the atheist movement. So, I like Antitheist and I think maybe we should make it correspond with the green movement somehow, logo with similar colors etc...I really liked the grass background on the site before the update and it still has the earthy feel to it, with the wood paneling and the sky, I think the same type of style and feel should be used with the OUT campaign. I dont agree with the scarlet letter idea for the same reasons Sniz had mentioned but I like the O, it does kinda make me think about the whole LGBT movement but its better than the scarlet letter, we should definitely develop the "O" more.
Very Good Points. Ill look into this. This is my next project on this list to do shortly : )

(coming up with concept ideas) (as in designs)
Hi from Glasgow Scotland

Surely we cannot let the bible thumpers, no matter how much they try and tar us with negative comments dictate what we call ourselfs.

We should get or own hose in order first, I am hope yo are aware of groups of atheists up and down the UK calling themselfs the brights. I get mad and sad when I hear this term, fucking brights. the snobbery in the atheist movement can be really sickening at times. THE GREEN MOVEMENT, I hope you don't mean affiliate the atheist movement to a political party.

back to your point, I say no way to a name change.



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