So everyone on this site knows that you just can't reason with some people. Even when the evidence is in their face they will blatantly ignore it. So lets say that tomorrow Jesus comes down to earth and preforms miracles and without a doubt it's him and he says that the Catholics are right. What effect would this have on other religions ? on atheism ? You don't have to look at it like that maybe some evidence turns up and proves that no matter what anyone thinks their is no god and nothing can change it (Because sadly reason just doesn't do the trick). What effect would this have on other religions ? Would those at it's core still be committed to their cause and be ignorant as they are now even if the topic is completely un-debatable (even more so then now). Also think about the difference in location. If Jesus came down in Israel how would it be different from Sweden or USA. It's just something i came thought about while watching the episode of family guy where Jesus returns to earth and I'm hoping to get interesting replies.

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The non-existence of god, or gods, can never be disproved - it just can't, so give up on that notion. To disprove it, you'd have to get the theists to state, exactly and unequivocally, how their god manifests itself so that you'd know what to look for and how to measure it, and they're in no hurry to do that.

However, there is hope. Gods like Thor simply stopped being credible, and the more science fills in the gaps in our knowledge, then the current crop of non-entities will also just stop being supportable. What they'll be replaced with is anyone's guess, but let's hope it's science and rational thinking.

It may take a while though. I'm not expecting to see it in my lifetime. There's too much vested interest to make that likely.

To me, the claim, or even proof, of divinity is not a justification for worship.  Even in your hypothetical situation where it was proven beyond a doubt that Cathoicism is true, it still leaves a lot of questions.  Way too many for me to just suddenly proclaim my love for God and Jesus.

Right. Just because Catholicism could be proven true, that doesn’t make it right. Bottom line, what is the truth of Catholicism – Worship and love Jesus/God/Holy Spirit or burn in hell forever. So it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. It still wrong to worship. So maybe there wouldn’t be any atheist anymore, there would still be anti-theist. I would imagine most of the other religions would convert to Catholicism. There would be an obvious opposition community who for various reasons would come together to resist the ruling Catholic reality. And I would be a member.

True. If the Christian god is even anything remotely like in the Bible, I certainly wouldn't worship him. Acknowledge him sure, but I still have no reason to submit to his childish whims


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