We all know of the big debate within the American school system: teaching intelligent design. It seems all that I am hearing from that side is "evolution is not true! fill the gap with god!" However, I haven't heard one thing about the actual curriculum of intelligent design. They say "Teach the Controversy!" but what exactly do they want to teach? I'm also quite puzzled how they will teach anything in biology (specially as a honors high school course) without invoking the word evolution. From what I can gather, it seems the entire class would be spent just 'debuking' evolution and not actually teaching anything that would progress our nation's students.


Has anyone here seen any sort of curriculum guide? textbooks? or even evidence of an intelligent designer/agent?

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it seems the entire class would be spent just 'debuking' evolution
That's all ID is. It doesn't have one single original idea. It's all "This doesn't quite make sense to me so god did it"

Yeah, this is what I'm saying. I don't know how you can go to a school board with any purposed teaching idea without having any type of material to support it. Shouldn't they have to show how it would be taught (like do a mock classroom in front of the board) before it is approved? 

LOL, I was thinking the same thing. Let your child choose either an intelligent design or evolutionary biology course. Then, let's see how they do in college.
Haha that's fantastic!
Haha! I'm going to suggest that to some of the professors at my college.
You know, it also makes me think that people who serve our school boards and vote in favor of id are entirely uneducated. Why are we letting the uneducated decide the educational futures of our children?
In Texas the guy that chaired the committee (pushing ID) is a dentist. I guess that sometimes being educated doesn't make one rational.
Religion is a strange thing. There is a huge amount of cognitive dissonance involved. People can be perfectly rational about all other things, but when it comes to religion every shred of logical thought goes out of the window
I'm sure he knows plenty about teeth. haha.
Probably because the government keeps sucking money from education and these are the only folks that will hang on with that kind of paycheck offered.
Good point, how can you fill a gap with something that has zero evidence?
It would seem that Christians do not rely on evidence, education, or any form of rational or critical thinking.  They take the bible literally, believe that it was divined by God, and that faith is more than evidence.  It's completely ridiculous.  And now they want to push it all onto our children.  Despicable.


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