We all know of the big debate within the American school system: teaching intelligent design. It seems all that I am hearing from that side is "evolution is not true! fill the gap with god!" However, I haven't heard one thing about the actual curriculum of intelligent design. They say "Teach the Controversy!" but what exactly do they want to teach? I'm also quite puzzled how they will teach anything in biology (specially as a honors high school course) without invoking the word evolution. From what I can gather, it seems the entire class would be spent just 'debuking' evolution and not actually teaching anything that would progress our nation's students.


Has anyone here seen any sort of curriculum guide? textbooks? or even evidence of an intelligent designer/agent?

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The first part in the syllabus would have to be labeled "If It Doesn't Make Sense (then you're getting it right)".
Agreed. When I took Biology in high school, my teacher skipped over evolution completely. I remember her saying, "Who wants to learn about how we could have came from monkeys anyways..." I was a Christian then and laughed with the rest of the class. . . Knowing what I know now, I would have ripped that teacher apart [intellectually].

   Here is their "curriculum guide":

1) There are gaps in the fossil record (not really)

  2) It's not in the Bible (so what?)

        3) A watch is intelligently designed (true), so my eye must be also (not true).


Day 1, Lesson #1: Evolution can't be true because there are gaps in the fossil record; it's not in the Bible; and the eye is like a watch.

        Day 2, Lesson #2: Repeat lesson #1

Days 3 through 175:  Repeat as desired.

No time left for the lie of godless scientists.


Seriously, the ID'ers have nothing to teach.  Everything they profess can be covered in one 15 minute lesson, after which there will be no discussion whatsoever of what 99.9% of the world's biologists have known for 152 years based upon an a virtual mountain of irrefutable evidence and inescapable logic.

The sad reality is that, as we speak (or write), there is next to nothing about evolution being taught below the college level in American schools.  The very FEW teachers who understand it themselves are fearful of angry reaction from fundamentalist parents.


THere was a recent complaint by a parent IDiot who objected to the science text mentioning Creationist claims and noting that they are based on "biblical myths".  He made it quite clear that "teaching the controversy" did not mean saying anything nasty about "Creationism" or ID although it also seemed clear that it would involve saying nasty things about "evilution". 


It is a very dishonest approach.

I doubt it could even be taught as a subject. ID has no data, no evidence, it isn't a theory, it has no grounding. Where would one start? How can you teach nothing?

It's good to hear your teacher was upset about. Do you remember anything specific that was taught? 


I'm trying to find out what the curriculum for an ID class would be. . So far, it doesn't seem like they have leg to stand on.

See, that's the whole part I don't get. How is it allowed to teach a 'feeling'...I think we need to stop babying the religious and teach the FACTS!

Still, it is really good to hear you had a teacher who understands evolution. My biology teacher just skipped right over it followed by "Who wants to learn how we came from monkeys anyways"

I can't believe a teacher actually said "Who wants to learn how we came from monkeys anyways."  (Well, I do believe it, but it's still unbelievable)


Welcome to South Carolina....& too, back then I was a Christian so I agreed with her. It's sad to think about. Oh how I wish I knew what I know now!

"...I think we need to stop babying the religious and teach the FACTS!"

Preach it sista!!

I'm trying to find out what the curriculum for an ID class would be.


How much time do you have? The Discovery Institute is at the forefront of the attempt to spin science into myth. Here's a list of resources they recommend.

I'm only pessimistic in the short run about their success. I believe in the long run that the more they can push their agenda, the more they'll eventually be exposed as ignorant or frauds. A state with ID in its curriculum could eventually produce the most vehement supporters of evolution, sort of like how Catholic school can produce vehement atheists.

I am not so confident.  If ID is the only thing taught, which is what the Religious Fright want, then the area will end up with the worst-educated students in the country and the developed nations.  The students might not even know enough to realize that they have been mis-educated.  I recall the case a few years back where students from a Christian school whose science coursework was not approved for entry to Berkely University accused the university of religiously discriminating against them.


I think the only way that families and students will be forced to confront the effects of such mis-education is if entry to all American tertiary education is dependent on nationally set science examinations with specific content and curriculum, as is the case in the rest of the developed world.  If all students were forced to demonstrate an understanding of the current model of evolution and the ability to tell the difference between real science and pseudo science before graduating from American High School then there is room for spending some time critically examining the claims of  ID along with the claims of other scientifically abandoned hypotheses about how nature works. 

The only way ID should be mentioned in a science class is to show how unscientific it is and use it as an example of how one should remain skeptical of everything people claim to be science. 
In the end the scientific method will weed out idea wilth no scientific basis, but students must be taught the scientific method first and foremost.  Lack of understanding of the scientific method is our biggest problem and it must be focused upon in science curricula.   


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