We all know of the big debate within the American school system: teaching intelligent design. It seems all that I am hearing from that side is "evolution is not true! fill the gap with god!" However, I haven't heard one thing about the actual curriculum of intelligent design. They say "Teach the Controversy!" but what exactly do they want to teach? I'm also quite puzzled how they will teach anything in biology (specially as a honors high school course) without invoking the word evolution. From what I can gather, it seems the entire class would be spent just 'debuking' evolution and not actually teaching anything that would progress our nation's students.


Has anyone here seen any sort of curriculum guide? textbooks? or even evidence of an intelligent designer/agent?

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ID? Well, they'd still be teaching normal evolution but insisting that the bacterial flagellum is to complex so some intelligent designer helped assembling it. How? Unknown, but he did. Same with some other complex stuff, I guess the eye or something. But that wouldn't fly with the YECs, nor with the "micro but not macro-evo" crowd.

But hey, Jim's right. They can always try to recycle their "Of Pandas and People" book, again. Yeah, the one with the "cdesign proponentsists", see http://pandasthumb.org/archives/2005/11/missing-link-cd.html
I remember that we actually had a quick presentation on creationism by one student. It listed what creationists believe, like "created Earth in six days", "put dinosaur bones in the soil". She tried very hard not to laugh at some points and so did we.
Haha, 'put dinosaur bones in the soil.'  Great rationalization and acknowledgement of the fossil record.

"How would I.D be taught in schools?"


It would be taught over my dead body.

I'm with you here. My daughter starts school in a few years and I'll be damned if she's taught I.D or creationism.
Could you try homeschooling her to begin with and prepare her for what she would be exposed to?
I plan on educating her as much as possible at home. She's only 3 now but I have bought her a few evolution books. They are meant for kindergarten and up so she doesn't really understand it yet. Right now, she's interested in the stars and planets. [She told me the other day that she didn't want to live on Earth anymore and she was going to build her a spaceship to get out of here! lol]
Exactly! I would rather cut off my left arm with a rusty nail file than give up the fight to keep this garbage out of schools.

This reminds me of Jen McCreight's blog series on her visit to the Creation Museum in 2009.  If you haven't read it, it's worth a read.


It just shows how uneducated the creationists and ID'ists are, and how ignorant they are of evidence pointing to evolution.  Also how they prey on children to get them started believing in fairy tales as young as they can get 'em.

Isn't it great!  Haha I was laughing my ass off!  Especially the velociraptor walking around with Adam and Eve.  Classic.
Oh, the Creation Museum. Other than being brainwashed, I don't see how people can fall for this crap. It's utter nonsense. Dinosaurs and humans coexisting....wow.

This is all I could really find right now.  UTTER GARBAGE  The foreword alone will make you sick.


There are some students in Louisiana fighting the good fight in trying to repeal the state's passing of SB 70, allowing creationism to be taught in the public schools.  "In Livingston Parish, Jan Benton, Director of Curriculum, told the Livingston Parish School Board that the law’s purpose is to allow the teaching of “critical thinking and creationism” in science classes."  Quite frankly, I don't think the terms 'critical thinking' and 'creationism' belong in the same sentence.


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