Today at work I told my Jewish (office) neighbor that I am Atheist. We were discussing the holiday decorating and she was surprised by my anger at "the christmassy people". So i said "you know Autumn is Wiccan and celebrates Winter Solstice? I'm more inclined to celebrate with her. I'm Atheist..." and waited for an eyebrow raise or something. I didn't get one =)  She said "ohh ok, that's neat!" And smiled. It seemed genuine.  

She is the first Jewish person I've told so I'm not sure if she's open minded or if Jewish people are just more accepting.

What kinds of good/bad experiences have you had when you "came out"?

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Yeah, and all Orientals are really really smart and good at math.

Orientals take offence to the word "Oriental" my dear.  lmao 


BTW I <3 sarcasm so I think I may <3 you now.  =]

Would you e so kind as to tell this archaic geezer just what <3 means, and if you could also what ISO means, I am so out of the loop!

<3 is a heart. Tilt your head to the right so it rests on your shoulder then look again <3

I don't recall saying ISO but it usually means "in search of". It's also a file type.

Thanx, I guess the problem was that I just can't get my head to tilt to the right.

Oriental Jews are smarter, more successfully and more likely to be scientists than ordinary Orientals.

I'm thinking Oriental Jews who are hermaphrodites... because then they have the best of both sexes as well. 

This lady is Jewish but also celebrates Christmas because her husband is christian.  She's not turning away from her religion any time soon.  She is intelligent. She has a degree in social work. She's an all around great lady.  


However, I do know a jewish woman who is an imbecile (IMO at least...) so not all Jewish people are smart by nature. lol  I think that's a bit far fetched.  

Jews are just as diverse as any other large group of people. There are many different denominations or sect of Judaism and Jews of many different cultures and backgrounds around the world.


In my experience, it isn't the type of religion that will determine the type of response, but the level of fundamentalism of the theist.

"In my experience, it isn't the type of religion that will determine the type of response, but the level of fundamentalism of the theist."  I can see this being true.  The lady is into Judaism but she can't be TOO into it if she married a christian and celebrates christian holidays.  Good point, Allen. 

I can say that this isn't true in all cases.  I lived near an orthodox community growing up, and those people aren't atheist friendly at all.  I would actually say that they are worse than most christians.  They indoctrinate their children, teach them that evolution isn't true, etc.  


I think the reason that a lot Jewish people seem more tolerant, is that they really don't follow their own religion.  Judaism is a very restrictive religion, and doesn't make much sense.  I think that most Jews identify culturally with it, but don't really follow the religion.  It's the ones who do that you have to worry about.

I also think that there is a basic difference between judaism and christianity in terms of their approach to missionaries/conversion work. Jewish people and the Jewish faith tends not to be in favour of converting people as far as i know (fully admit i could be wrong and will happily stand correction). This is what jewish friends have explained to me and it would explain why i never get a knock on my door at 7 from jewish people to discuss my soul or similar. This is probably why most of the jewish people i know who know i am an atheist are fine with it. They are not particularly concerned with anyone else's beliefs. Although as someone else said most of them are jewish by culture but not particularly involved in jewish faith.


I have had negative responses from most christians except those that are weak or moderate. The few muslim folk i know have responded pretty positively to me but they are far from fundamental in their orientation. Jehovah's witnesses, catholics and fundamentalist or heavily involved christians react the most negatively in my experience. The only orthodox jewish person i know responded with shock and disdain. So a mixed bag all round.


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